C++ Annotations

Below you find a link to the ``C++ Annotations''. The Annotations are intended for people with a good knowledge of C who want to make the transition to C++.

The original version of the Annotations was (around 1992 (!)) written in Dutch and in LaTeX format. Karel Kubat rewrote the text and converted the Annotations to a more suitable format and of course to English in september 1994. The first version of the Annotations appeared on the WWW in october 1994. Since then, quite a few chapters were added. Thanks to many people who sent us their comments, we were able to correct many typos and improve unclear parts.

Next, the Annotations were rewritten in the SGML document markup language.

At the transition of major version 3 to major version 4 I added more chapters to the Annotations, while converting the Annotations from SGML to Yodl.

Once the ANSI/ISO standard on C++ was implemented in the Gnu g++ compiler, it was time for the next major upgrade: version 5 was released after a thorough reorganization of the Annotation's contents.

Currently, the Annotation's main location (offering the Annotations in various formats) is and the Annotations are also offered by major Linux distributions (e.g., Debian or Ubuntu).

If you encounter errors in the WWW-links in the document, or empty sections in the text, I'd very much like to hear about it.

This document on C++ is freely distributable, and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (cf. GNU's licenses).

If you like this document, tell your friends about it. If you really like it, please let me know by email.

The most recent html version of the Annotations may immediately be browsed from this location.