Schedule first course on C/C++

The next course `Programming in C/C++ part I starts

September 4, 2023

Below you find the schedule for Part I of the course on Programming in C/C++ for the academic year 2023-2024

During the course, the schedule may change. This page always shows the (AFAWK) latest details about the schedule.

If you're interested in participating, please read the studiegidstekst and the description of the setup of the general approach following in the three courses on C/C++ as well.

Please note:

In the current course setup we use the first item to compress several initial lectures into fewer initial lectures, highlighting the basic elements of the language. Participants not having any previous experience in programming are fully welcome to join the course, but are also advised to read an introductory book on programming before the actual course starts.


The lectures are scheduled on Mondays in lecture hall 105 of the 
`Bernoulliborg' (Nijenborgh 9 9747 AG Groningen)

Date Time Deadline Topic ---------------------------------------------------------------- 04-09 17:00-19:00 18/09 19:00 Introduction, C++ background, Data types, Expressions, Operators, Scoping rules 11-09 17:00-19:00 25/09 19:00 Strings, Statements, Flow control 18-09 17:00-19:00 02/10 19:00 Functions, Procedural programming References, Overloading, Default arguments 25-09 17:00-19:00 09/10 19:00 Classes: Initialization, Construction, Composition 02-10 17:00-19:00 16/10 19:00 Arrays, pointers, part I 09-10 17:00-19:00 23/10 19:00 Arrays, pointers, part II 16-10 17:00-19:00 15/11 19:00 Input, Output 23-10 17:00-19:00 22/11 19:00 Classes: Allocation, Destruction, Copy constructors, Assignment overloading -------------------------------------------------------------------

Frank B. Brokken (
04 September 2023