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The C++ course is presented in English

Please contact Frank Brokken or Jurjen Bokma if you have any questions about this course.

You do not have to register for part III if you already registered for parts I or II

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Programming in C/C++, part III

Details about the course can be found at the general course information page and part three's schedule.

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During the course we'll use the books `De programmeertaal C' and `the C++ Annotations'. Most students want to have their own copies. The books will be printed each year by the central printing service of the University. However, the book `De programmeertaal C' is in Dutch, which might be a problem for the non-Dutch speaking attendees. However, every basic book on the C programming language will be OK. The Annotations are in English, and attendees are strongly advised to obtain a copy of their own.

It is possible to order your copies using this form. There is no obligation to order your books here, but you're strongly advised to do so. Do not assume spare copies will be available once the course starts. Also, the books will be heavily used throughout the course.

Especially with the Annotations it is important to use the latest version, as they are frequently updated according to the latest views and compiler-characteristics.

Students who attended this academic year's C/C++ course part II can use the literature that was advised for that course with the third course as well. For them there should be NO NEED to order books here.

Please indicate below which books you would like to order. This requires an explicit action on your part: by default NO books have been selected: if you don't select books, you won't have ordered them.

You are charged EUR 60.-- if you order both books.

Order a copy of ``De Programmeertaal C'' (EUR 25.--):   NO     YES
Order a copy of the ``C++ Annotations'' (EUR 35.--):   NO     YES

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08 October 2016