Exercise and final rating procedure
used for the C/C++ courses

In this course each week we present sets of exercises. The exercises have deadlines, usually two weeks after they were made available. Exercises are rated OK, questionable (1/2 OK) or not OK. Exercises rated below their maximum possible ratings may (before their deadlines) be resubmitted once.

Exercises come in two flavors: standard and advanced. Usually there are five standard and several (three to five) advanced exercises.

Rating procedure

Once you've accumulated the equivalent of three OK ratings for the standard exercises (e.g., 2 OK ratings and 2 questionable ratings sum to 3 OK ratings), your percentage for that set becomes 60%. Additionally completed standard exercises are used to increase that percentage to at most 70%.

If there are 5 standard exercises, then the percentage for the standard exercises score x is

Each OK-rated advanced exercise increases the set's percentage by 20%. So, by completing three standard and two advanced exercises you've reached 100%.

The maximum percentage of a set cannot exceed 100%: receiving OK ratings for 5 standard exercises and 3 advanced exercises still results in a percentage for that set of 100%.

Rating limits

When you've reached an average percentage exceeding 97% (and have shown that you thoroughly understand the covered topics at your final talk) your course grade will be 10.
You receive a course grade 6 if your average percentage is 56%, and have shown that you well understand the covered topics at your final talk.

Final results

When you leave the course (hopefully at the end) you make an appointment for a (= one) final talk, covering the part(s) you completed. Final talks are individually planned and performed: your team members are not present at your final talk.

Note that if you do not participate in a final talk, won't receive points for (parts of) this course.

The final talk is used to fine-tune your rating for this course. Depending on the way you perform we may increase or decrease the percentage you collected for the exercises (by up to 10 or more percentage points). If we consider your performance below standard then you haven't completed the course, but you're given the option of scheduling a second final talk within at most two weeks after the (failing) final talk.