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markus heuger's


Mostly academic writings about the Beatles
by Markus Heuger

  The Beabliography is a bibliography of books and articles, focusing mainly on academic works on the Beatles. By now the database covers over 500 titles, some with links and/or abstracts. Please mail us if you like to add yet another title to this list.
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  • Valdez, Stephen (2002), "Revolver as a pivotal art work. Structure, harmony, and vocal harmonization." In: Russell Reising (ed.), Every sound there is. The Beatles' Revolver and the transformation of rock and roll. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002, 89-108.
  • Valdez, Steven (2001), "Vocal harmony as a structural device in the commercial recordings of the Beatles, 1962-1970." In: Yrjö Heinonen, Markus Heuger, Sheila Whiteley, Terhi Nurmesjärvi and Jouni Koskimäki (eds.), Beatlestudies 3. Proceedings of the Beatles 2000 conference. Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä (Department of Music, Research Reports 23), 2001, 243-253. [Abstract]
  • Villinger, Alexander (1983), Die Beatles-Songs. Analysen zur Harmonik und Melodik. Freiburg: Hochschulverlag, 1983.
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