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Volume 8 / 2005-2006


Index of volume 8
  Winter 2006
English The second time around (february 2006). John Dwyer joined the Voice of Peace in 1983, but left again after six months of work and fun. The very next year, though, Abe Nathan himself called him back to the "1540." Here is what Dwyer himself, back in 1985, wrote about this short episode in the history of the Voice of Peace in which the crew did its best to give the station a new lease of life, but generator as well as financial problems forced the ship into Ashdod Port.
English "Loops and bloops" (february 2006). The Commodore 64 was the greatest-selling home computer system of all time, and still draws a large crowd of retro-gamers. Despite its popularity, the music of C64 games has never before been analysed in any academic articles. Filling this gap in respect to the peculiarities of the Commodore's soundchip, Karen Collins here introduces our readers to the musical aesthetics of the C64.
English From Grant Green to B.B. King to T-Bone Walker (february 2006). Despite his fame as Blue Note Records' "house guitarist," Grant Green (1931-1979) has not been awarded his rightful place as one of the outstanding jazz musicians of the twentieth century. This may be attributed to the commercial sidesteps Green made in his later career. However, as Andrew Scott shows in a musicological analysis of three Green improvisations, Green's marginalized "commercial" has much in common with his earlier more celebrated performances. The dismissal of Green's late era career by jazz historians seems not to be an issue of music, but of artifice.
English The Voice of Peace Gulf War Diary (february 2006). The Gulf War of 1991 did not leave the MV Peace alone. In January the ship moves nearer to the Tel Aviv coast to guarantee ship-to-shore connections. Some days later presenter John MacDonald sees the first Scuds falling on the city and even closer by in sea. Now, fifteen years later, he opens his diary to recall his memories of those disturbing days.
  Summer 2005
English The four dimensions of popular music (july 2005). Over the past year Ger Tillekens and Juul Mulder have tried to get a grasp on the shifting music prefences of secondary and primary school pupils. In the summer of 2005, they presented a paper on this subject on the 13th biennial conference "Making Music, Making Meaning" of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) in Rome. The paper shows the results of their analyses of some large datasets covering the 1980s and 1990s up to 2001.
  Spring 2005
Dutch Een gedegen handleiding radio- en televisiejournalistiek (juni 2005). In Broadcast news, writing, reporting and producing leert Ted White de lezer de fijne kneepjes van het vak van radio- en televisiejournalist. Dat beroep verandert snel en het boek is inmiddels alweer aan een vierde, gewijzigde druk toe. Hans Knot las het voor ons door.
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