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Volume 19 / 2016-2017


Index of volume 19
  Autumn 2016
Dutch De Groninger hitparade (november 2016). In de eerste week van januari 1976 verscheen in Groningen een regionale hitlijst gebaseerd op de verkoopcijfers van de lokale platenhandel. Tot aan het eind van 1977, twee jaar lang dus, zou de lijst het volhouden. Hans Knot vertelt meer over dit regionale initiatief.
English A collection of photographs (november 2016). Photography Reinvented is the title of an exhibition now on show at the National Gallery of Art, Washington. The exposition opened in September 30, 2016 and will continue till January 29, 2017. It shows the photo collection of Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker, which seems haphazard but — one way or another — possesses its own beauty. As impressive is the book publication of the same name, edited by Sarah Greenough. It fails, however, as Hans Durrer here concludes, to clarify what exactly binds the artists and their work together.
English Needle time, what's the point? (november 2016). One of the reasons behind the success of offshore radio stations in the 1960s — at least in Great Britain — is the restricted air time made available for recorded music by its producers. Derek Lamb here tells us more about the importance of 'needle time'.
  Spring 2016
English Roy Orbison's MGM years revisited (april 2016). Twelve years ago René de Bruin wrote an article for our journal about Roy Orbison's MGM catalogue. At that time he expected a speedy arrival of a remastered CD-box. He had to wait till the end of last year. The results, however, surpass his wildest expectations, as a brilliantly remastered LP- and CD-set now rewrites Orbison's recording history for the years between 1965 and 1973.
Dutch De mislukte aanvraag van Concertzender Kriterion in 1961 (april 2016). Lokale radiostations gingen in ons land pas in 1984 van start. Toch waren er al eerder initiatieven in die richting. Zo ondertekende de rector-magnificus van de Universiteit van Amsterdam in 1961 een aanvraag voor een radiostation in de regio Amsterdam. Hans Knot vertelt er hier meer over.
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