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Volume 21 / 2018-2019


Index of volume 21
  Spring 2018
English "Their production will be second to none" (may 2018). Last June the Beatles' eighth album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band celebrated its 50 years. The success of the album marked the rise of the recording studio as an important instrument for the production of popular music as well as a recognition of the role of the producer. Discussing both Abbey Road and George Martin, Francesco Brusco here highlights the influence of the recording studio and its aesthetics.
Dutch De VPRO en de "piraten" (april 2018). Het duurde niet echt lang, maar eventjes toch was de piratenzender Radio Sirene van de Amsterdamse kraakbeweging in 1971 landelijk te horen via het programma VPRO Vrijdag. Hans Knot vertelt er hier iets meer over.
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