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Volume 22 / 2019-2020


Index of volume 22
  Winter 2020
English To teach the world ... (january 2020). In 1971 the New Seekers reached the U.S. Top Ten with their song "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)," a call for a peaceful loving world and at the same time a commercial for soft drink Cocal Cola. The song not only had a lengthy title, but also a longer history. It all started, Hans Knot tells us, in 1964 ...
  Summer 2019
Dutch Het ultimatum van de platenindustrie (augustus 2019). Met de opkomst van nieuwe technologieën verandert ook het medialandschap. De vertegenwoordigers van oude en nieuwe media raken vaak in conflict. Dat gold bij de opkomst van de radio, nu honderd jaar geleden, ook voor het Europese continent. Hans Knot geeft hier het voorbeeld van het ultimatum dat de grammofoonplatenindustrie in het Duitsland van 1931 stelde aan de radiostations.
  Spring 2019
English The magnificent flat-seventh (may 2019). Nowadays the flat-seventh is a fully accepted member of the family of chords that populate the inlands of popular music. That has been quite different in the past. The chord's rise to acceptance coincides and therefore is often conflated with the successes of the Beatles. Here D. Pinter goes back in time, looking for the flat-seventh in the popular songs of the decade before the Beatles' hits topped the charts.
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