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276 RNI Smash plays / Treiterschijven, 1971-1974. A list of Radio Northsea International's Smash plays, a.k.a. Treiterschijven, 1971-1974.
277 Having an audience with Emperor Rosko. Born in Los Angeles, California on 26 December 1942 as Michael Pasternak, Emperor Rosko became famous as one of Radio Caroline's DJ's. Some years ago Chris Edwards met him in London, and asked him about his past and present.
278 The day I attended the funeral of Don Pierson. Some time ago we published an interview with Tom Danaher by François Lhote. Telling about his involvement in the offshore radio stations Wonderful Radio London, Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio, Danaher made some personal remarks about Don Pierson. John England, another close friend and collaborator of Pierson, was quite upset by it. Commenting on the interview, he here relates his side of the story.
279 Words of love and isolation. As the USA is a modern Western society one would expect individualist, rather than relational patterns dominating US popular lyrics. Here Thomas J. Scheff investigates this hypothesis for the US Top 40 songs of the last seventy years.
280 Soundscapes Zeezender Discografie: songs (M) die werden gebruikt als deejay- en programma-tune. Een discografie van bijna alles wat ooit over de zeezenders op single, EP, LP of CD is uitgebracht. Met op deze pagina een overzicht van songs (M) die werden gebruikt als deejay- en programma-tune.
281 The four dimensions of popular music. Over the past year Ger Tillekens and Juul Mulder have tried to get a grasp on the shifting music prefences of secondary and primary school pupils. In the summer of 2005, they presented a paper on this subject on the 13th biennial conference Making Music, Making Meaning of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) in Rome. The paper shows the results of their analyses of some large datasets covering the 1980s and 1990s up to 2001.
282 Radio Heaven. An essay on the life and times of Wolfman Jack, written by Hans Knot.
283 Occupation: Wonderful Radio London. Ten years ago Paul John Lilburne-Byford of Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex was declared bankrupt for life as a consequence of his attempts in the early 1980s to revive Wonderful Radio London. Since that time he has been trying to reclaim his rights. Here is his latest letter to the Insolvency Service of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
284 Radio Caroline van binnenuit. Van maart 1964 tot en medio 1967 werkte Tom Lodge als deejay bij Radio Caroline. In zijn boek The Radio Caroline Story from the Inside schreef hij onlangs zijn herinneringen aan die tijd op. Hans Knot las deze inside-story met veel plezier en schreef een lange boekbespreking.
285 A ring antenna for Radio Capital. On May 1, 1970, the offshore station Radio Capital aired its first testprogrammes. The adventure didn't last long. That very same year, on November 10, Capital's ship, the MV King David, ran ashore near Noordwijk. Recently Jelle Knot met Tim Thomason, the man behind the station, and asked him how it all started ...
286 Roger Miller's vijftien Amerikaanse pop- en country-hits (1964-1968). Hitoverzicht Roger Miller
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