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351 Marks of the Dorian family. Drunken Sailor and Scarborough Fair: both songs have the feel of shifting between two keys. Introducing the concept of the Dorian twin tone system, Ger Tillekens here discusses the family traits of these traditionals.
352 The erotic and destructive in 1980s rock music. A theoretical and historical analysis. Duran Duran's song 'Hungry Like The Wolf' (1982) explores the theme of lycanthropy, a form of bestiality which itself is an expression of the broader theme of eroticism in the sense of broaching the possibility of unusual, tabooed, or 'perverse' sexual activities. To analyze interests like these, William Graebner argues, we need a theory that might clarify and explain rock music's significance on a cultural level.
353 Rare pictures from radio's past: Radio London. The British offshore station Radio London, on air from 23rd December 1964 till 14th August 1967, became famous with its carefully packaged programmes named after its deejays like Mike Lennox, Tony Windsor, Ed Stewart, Kenny Everett, Tony Blackburn and Norman St. John. These pages show some pictures and documents of the station's history.
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