All my software projects that have been made available to the public can be found at Unfortunately these files are no longer available through ftp, so please use http instead.

Othello 1.9.4

A wonderfully simple strategy game, Othello evolved from a 'too much time on our hands' project at my work, which resulted (at the time in 1996) in 4 different versions of the game. In 2002 it has been completely rewritten, leading to version 1.9.4, a prerelease for version 2.0. This new version features a much stronger AI, which beats Kreversi (Linux, KDE) most of the time. Although a french website on tournament Reversi programs states that Kreversi is of 'medium' strength, I challenge anyone to beat this prerelease at ply 6 or higher, and let me know of it.

Apart from the AI, version 1.9.4 has a nice graphical interface with animated rendered stones. The game board is now also rendered using Povray, a markable improvement. All convenient options are present for setting up the computer player. You can play with 2 humans (use the computer as a board), against one computer player, or let the computer play against itself. Games can be saved and loaded, and a log is kept of the last played game. Full undo/redo capabilities are available. The computer can now give hints, too.

The prerelease contains only a source archive, you will have to build the program yourself. For unix users with gcc/g++ this is as simple as typing 'make', DOS (DJGPP) and Windows (MSVC) users should take a look at the README file for building instructions. The final 2.0 release will be fully portable and binary versions will be provided. Unix users will want to download the .tar.gz archive, for Windows and DOS users the ZIP archive is probably the most practical.

February 17, 2003: As of now I can finally build windows executables using the mingw crosscompiler. You can download them from the same place as the source archives. There are two zip files: contains just the executable, contains everything, including the Allegro library (4.1.9 CVS).

If you try out this othello version, please be so kind to let me know what you think of it, and to tell me of any problems or suggestions you might have so I can improve the game. Contact me by email at with any comments. Download Othello 1.9.4 here.


Metronome is, you guessed it, a program that simulates a metronome to indicate the beat of a rythm, to assist in playing music. This one can do much more than a "real" metronome though: not only is it adjustable in speed, it can play beats with emphasis, and is therefore suitable for playing alternative rythms such as 7/8, and many rythms found in Irish and east-European music.

Metronome is a simple command line program, and has options for changing the speed, rythm and emphasis arbitrarily. The sound of the 'beat' can be changed by providing your own wave file with your favourite drum sound (anyone have a good bodhran sample for me?).

Metronome has only been tested for linux, but a binary version for windows is available. Porting to other platforms supported by Allegro is trivial. Download the source archive here, with or without sound samples. Win32 binaries can be found in the archive.

Paratrooper 3D - Allegro Speedhack Competition 2002

Paratrooper 3D evolved from my entry for the Allegro Speedhack Competition 2002.

The title basically says it all: it's a 3D version of the all-time favourite game 'paratrooper'. I don't even know where that originated, but I know it from the Commodore 64. This version uses OpenGL to do 3D graphics, so you'll need a platform with OpenGL (windows, linux, unix, mac?) to run it at a decent speed. You'll also need the AllegroGL library. I'll put up binary versions of the game, including a compiled version of AllegroGL, as soon as I can find time. For now, read the installation instructions in readme.txt included in the archive.

The latest version (21-05-2002, third release after speedhack) is now available: explosions have been added, attack waves are in, and most importantly: sound effects!.
Dowload it here.

Clicks - Circular Bricks

Clicks (circular bricks) is a variation on the all-time popular bricks game.

The twist is in the paddle: it moves all around the playfield with the blocks in a circle. Because the paddle is straight it is possible to change the ball's direction in a realistic way. It has several decent levels now, but any additions are very welcome.

Clicks is available as a source archive, and as a windows executable. (will not work for DOS: use the source archive instead)

Download the source.
Download the executable version.