My Ph.D. thesis

On monday May 9, 2005 I have defended my thesis at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The defense went very well (I thought so, at least :-), and according to the translation of the latin text by three experts present at dinner, I am now officially dr. ir. Zelle.

The title of the thesis is "On the evolution of sea surface temperature in the tropical Pacific", the topic is El Niño - Southern Oscillation. It consists of an extensive introduction of the El Niño phenomenon, and three chapters which have been submitted to / published in Journal of Physical Oceanography and Journal of Climate.

Important - copyright

You may download my thesis to read it, but all copyrights apply. You may not distribute the manuscript in electronic or printed form without my explicit permission. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 are under copyright by the American Meteorological society as they have been / will be published in a journal. If you want a paper copy of the thesis for easier reading you can print it out (120 pp), or email me at for a printed and bound copy.

Below are links to the thesis and invitation card in PDF format.