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  Abstract 0147
  La Polla, Franco (1996), "Cambiare la costituzione (o la testa?). I Beatles fra pop e letteratura." [Change the constitution (or your head?): the Beatles between pop and literature.] In: Rossana Dalmonte (ed.), Analisi e canzoni. Trento: Dipartimento di Scienze Filologiche e Storiche, Università degli Studi di Trento, 291-297.
  Since the 1950s, the media have been opening up to a mass audience a discourse about art that belonged to the earlier years of the century, at the same time changing the tone and content of that discourse. The Beatles play their part in this recollection of the past. In various contexts, at various titles, the group has been associated with Joyce, Schumann, Tennyson, Pinter, Barthelme, among others. A shared literary and cultural quality seems to align in both T.S. Eliot and the Beatles, particularly as to the practice and function of a renewal of the — English — language. Their "poetry with music" finds a particular coherence in the recollections of the past: in fact, one could trace echoes of Joyce, Lear, Carroll — i.e. the Celtic, surreal and ironical component — but also the timeworn British folk soul of the Come All Ye tradition.
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