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  Abstract 0184
  Niemi, Seppo (2000), "Band on the record. The Beatles' recordings from the historical and technological points of view." In: Yrjö Heinonen, Jouni Koskimäki, Seppo Niemi and Terhi Nurmesjärvi (eds.), Beatlesstudies 2. History, identity, authenticity. Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä (Department of Music, Research Reports 23), 2000, 43-85.
  Niemi's article is both historical and technological. Taken that the Beatles were extremely successful recording artists, he questions their contribution to the development of recording technology. He then locates the Beatles along a time continuum of sound technology and recorded music as well as on the rapidly evolving rock music scene. His approach is not very far from the "relative autonomy" view adopted by Heinonen and Eerola in their "The Beatles and their times". Niemi concludes that although the impact of the Beatles on the development of studio technology was probably not as significant as is sometimes (somewhat romantically) implied, they — together with other contemporary rock groups — had a significant effect on the studio practice itself.
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