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  Abstract 0246
  Taylor, A.J.W. (1966), "Beatlemania. A study in adolescent enthousiasm." In: British Journal of Social Clinical Psychology, 1966, 5, 81-88. (also published as: "Beatlemania. The adulation and exuberance of some adolescents." In: M. Truzzi (ed.), Sociology and everyday life. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1968, 161-170.)
  In an early attempt to unravel some of the complex factors underlying the Beatle stimulus and the "Beatlemania" response, 346 New Zealand secondary school pupils, ages 15-20, were tested to determine the relationship between their personality factors and their enthusiasm for the Beatles. There were 50 pupils in the highly enthusiastic group, 122 in the middle group, and 50 in the low group. The groups were further divided by sex. Statistically significant differences were found between the three groups of females on factors of Beatlemania, age, and various personality factors; only Beatlemania and one personality factor were statistically different among the male groups. There was: (1) no evidence from the Hysteria scale of the MMPI to support the popular opinion that the enthusiasts were hysterics, (2) no supporting clinical evidence from the Neuroticism scale of the MPI, and (3) no significant social factors between the groups. It is concluded that "Beatlemania" is the passing reaction of predominantly young adolescent females to group pressures of such a kind that meet their special emotional needs.
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