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  Abstract 0314
  Howell, Jeremy (1991), "A revolution in motion. Advertising and the politics of nostalgia." In: Sociology of Sport, 1991, 8, 3 (September), 258-271.
  In 1987, Nike's "Revolution in Motion" advertising campaign introduced a controversial TV commercial that featured, as a soundtrack, the 1968 Beatles song Revolution. Located within a contemporary framework of time and place, emotion and message, politics and consumption, and capitalism and pleasure, the commercial can be articulated to a critical debate that has increasingly come to determine the political and affective lives of the US public. The nature of this debate as it has emerged over the 1980s is chronicled, addressing the legacy of the 1960s, the rise of the fitness movement, the insertion of the Baby Boom generation into the marketplace, the definition of quality of life, and the rise of the political New Right.
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