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volume 2
july 1999



  In September 1996 the European Music Office published its report on "Music in Europe". The second part of this study, edited by Paul Rutten, contains six critical essays and five case studies on the cultural value of music in the European Union. This page offers some information about the authors and other acknowledgements.

  About the authors:
Next Marie-Agnès Beau is executive manager of the French Music Export Office in Paris. After 16 years of experience in the music industry, she is also involved as a consultant in world music and DJ cultures, especially hip hop.
Next Professor Dr. Simon Frith is head of the John Logie Baird Centre of the Strathclyde University in Glasgow (Scotland). He has worked as rock critic and published books and articles about popular music, youth culture and music industry. He is the chairperson of the jury of the Mercury Music Price.
Next Dr. Antoine Hennion is director of the Centre de Sociology de l'Innovation of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines in Paris, France. His numerous publications, books as well as articles, deal with topics as music industry, sociology of taste and music-education.
Next Dr. Jari Muikku works for the Finnish Music Information Centre and has published several articles on music and music industry.
Next Dr. Vincenzo Perna is free-lance writer and ethno-musicologist, living in Torino, Italy. He published on popular music, especially on music and sound recording technology and world music.
Next Professor Dr. Keith Roe works at the Department of Communication of University of Leuven, Belgium. He published several books and many articles about mass communication, youth, media and popular music.
Next Jany Rouger is director of the Federation of Tradional Music Associations, a national federation agreed by the Ministry of Culture.
Next Dr. Paul Rutten is senior researcher and consultant at the TNO Centre for Technology and Policy Studies in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. His publications mainly deal with developments in popular music in the Netherlands, national and international music industry as well as media issues in general.
Next With an experience in the organization of cultural events for UNESCO and for music festivals (Tam Tam France / Le Printemps de Bourges, Green Energy in Dublin, Rock Pop Bratislava in Slovakia), Myriam Tekaïa is currently head of program at the European Music Office.
Next Professor Peter Wicke is head of the Zentrum zur Studie der Populären Musik of the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. He published numerous articles and books on popular music.
  Special thanks to:
  Terri Anderson (PRS), Marie-Agnès Beau (French Music Export Office), Harald Berenfänger (Deutscher Bühnenverein Bundesverband Deutscher Theater), Ursula Czasch (BPW), Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer (Gema), Dr. Eduardo Simoes (AFP), Olivier Ducru (Simavelec), Prof. Dr. Rolf Dünnwald (DOV), Matthias Finkentey (MICA), Adriana Galli (SIAE), Elisa Garcìa (SGAE), Constantin Garlas (Dehoga), Bodil Hogh (Danish MIC), Marianne Horn (Danish MIC), Catrin Hughes (IFPI London), Christian James (Adami), Catherine Kerr-Vignal (SDRM), Alain le Meur (CSFI), Antony Marschutz, (Spedidam), Sandrine Miguirian, (French Music Export Office), Jean-Yves Mirski (Snep), Frances Moore (IFPI), Jari Muikku (Finnish MIC), Catarina Rebello (SPA), Eamon Shackleton (IMRO), Wolfgang Sturm (MICA), Hansen Thorsten (BPW), Prof. Dr. Norbert Thurow (BPW), Vincent van Mele (IFPI Belgium), Pierre Xanthopoulos (AEPI), Peter Zombik (BPW).
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