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volume 2
july 1999

Music, culture and society in Europe


  Part II of: European Music Office, Music in Europe. Brussels, 1996.
  Edited by Paul Rutten

1 Global sounds and local brews. Musical developments and music industry in Europe — Paul Rutten
2 Popular music and processes of social transformation. The case of rock music in former East Germany — Peter Wicke
3 Music and identity among European youth. Music as communication — Keith Roe
4 Popular music policy and the articulation of regional identities. The case of Scotland and Ireland — Simon Frith
5 Latin lovers: salsa musicians and their audience in London. A small dance boom, or in defence of the trivial — Vincenzo Perna
6 Music industry and music lovers, beyond Benjamin. The return of the amateur — Antoine Hennion
7 La Friche Belle de Mai. A centre for cultural and artistic activities in Marseille — Myriam Tekaïa
8 Hip Hop and Rap in Europe. The culture of the urban ghetto's — Marie-Agnès Beau
9 The charm of activity as the essence of musical expression. An interview with Henk Hofstede — Paul Rutten
10 The non-profit music organization in partnership with the commercial field. The Finnish Music Information Centre (MIC) — Jari Muikku
11 The traditional musics in Europe. The modernity of traditional music — Jany Rouger and Jean-François Dutertre
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