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volume 3
november 2000

A message from the editor

Index of the journal Tracking  

  by Steve Jones
(Editor) Spring, 1988
  At their 1987 meeting in Pittsburgh, the U.S. branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) decided to begin publication of a journal. That journal's title was Tracking: Popular Music Studies. From 1988 up to 1992 four volumes were published. Here Steve Jones introduces the first issue.

  I hope you enjoy the first issue of Tracking. This issue's mix (to continue in pop music parlance) is representative of the breadth of interests within IASPM / USA. It is my hope as editor to continue publishing first rate articles covering the entire spectrum of popular music and popular music scholarship.
  Tracking, as any publication in its infancy, relies on your ideas for its growth.
I encourage your to contact me with your thoughts regarding everything from content to layout. Through your membership in IASPM / USA you have the opportunity to aid in the publication of a journal that can rank among the best popular music periodicals — but without your help it will never attain its potential.
  Special thanks for this issue go to Charles Brown for his help in production, and to the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire Department of Journalism for their support and assistance.
  I await your response to Tracking and look forward to combining all our talents in the work of creating a top notch journal for IASPM / USA.
  Steve Jones, Editor
  This editorial was published in: Tracking: Popular Music Studies,
vol. 1, no. 1 (Spring, 1988)
  1997 © IASPM / USA