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Some links to other sites


  Interested in media culture? Then take a look at these sites ...
English Adventures in CyberSound. An extensive online research site developed by Russell Naughton. The site consists of two parts. One part looks in depth at the history of radio and the related media services of telegraphy, telephony, facsimile, television, photography and cinema: Adventures in Cybersound. The other part is built around the study of digital television under the banner Visioneering the Future.
English All Music Guide. This guide — almost as old as the internet itself — is the real internet encyclopedia of rock music. On these pages you can find almost every little fact on the topic of rock music: information about artists, their albums, their influences, their styles and their careers.
Italian Amnesia Vivace (ISSN 1722-2737). Amnesia Vivace è un'associazione culturale con sede in Roma. Le attività interessano non soltanto il teatro ma anche la letteratura, la filosofia, la musica, la fotografia, la pittura, la scultura, l'architettura, e quant'altro concerne l'umano. Il rapporto con la storia è centrale: lo sguardo all'indietro si incrocia con la coscienza del contemporaneo e la visione del futuro.
English AnthroBase.com is a database with anthropological texts in the Danish, English and Norwegian language, which is online since May 2001. Among its publications you can find some interesting studies like "When global becomes local," the thesis on rave culture in Lithuania by Kristina Sliavaite, and the thesis of Maša Vukanovich on the role of television in Serbian family life.
English Beathoven. On this web site Ian Hammond presents some thorough thinking on the songs of the Beatles. If you're studying the songs of the Beatles in a detailled manner, this is a very good site to visit.
Dutch Op Bewegend Geheugen zijn honderden filmpjes en radio- en televisieprogramma's te vinden rond het thema van de "modernisering van Nederland na 1945." Bewegend Geheugen is een project dat door het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid is uitgevoerd binnen het zogeheten erfgoedproject Geheugen van Nederland, een project van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek dat zorgt voor de digitalisering van belangrijke bronnen van het Nederlands cultureel erfgoed.
English Birth of TV. The BIRTH group, a consortium of six audiovisual archives, tries to make accessible on their internet site content from the time when television was in its infancy.
English Bob Le-Roi. On this site Bob Le Roi offers a series of original and unique Offshore Radio documentaries produced for radio and available for broadcast historians, enthusiasts and the serious collector.
English Boston Review. This excellent magazine presents itself as a political and literary forum. Noteworthy are the debates in the New Democracy Forum. Read for instance the topic on The Future of Media? (1999), where Robert McChesney explains his views on the undemocratic implications of the contemporary media system; together with the comments of Ralph Nader, Lawrence Grossman, C. Edwin Baker, Doug Schuler, Stephen Ansolabehere, and Andrew L. Shapiro.
English The Broadcast Archive. On this site Barry Mishkind preserves historical and current information, graphics, printed materials, and so on to help radio enthusiasts, researchers, and students find information on the background and history of the radio industry. Special attention is given to the history of pioneer radio stations in the US.
English Clandestine Radio. Since World War II, clandestine radio has been a presence in global affairs. This interesting site is dedicated to that kind of un-official stations, typically operated by guerilla organisations and intelligence agencies. Taking a "free speech" perspective, the site upholds an archive of historical and current profiles of clandestine radio and television stations, including background information, pictures and audio files.
English Columbia Law Library Plagiarism Project. On this site Charles Cronin and Jane Ginsburg of the Columbia University try to show the potential of music notation software to provide more efficient and effective methods of establishing or disproving similarities between musical works than those that have been used until now in music plagiarism suits.
English Critical Musicology, hosted by the Department of Music at the University of Leeds, is a fully refereed critical musicology journal appearing exclusively on the internet. Its purpose is to provide an ever-expanding library of texts (ranging from papers to books) which address the wide number of issues that have become part of the field of critical musicology.
English CTHEORY, edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape.
English Cultsock. A nice site with essays, links and also the extensive CCMS encyclopedia describing the main concepts and ideas, that are flourishing in the field of communication, cultural and media studies, built and cultivated by Mick Underwood.
English Cultural Logic, edited by David Siar, Gregory Meyerson, James Neilson and Martha Gimenez, is a biannual, interdisciplinary academic journal that since 1997 publishes online essays, poetry, and reviews — books, films, other media — by writers working within the Marxist tradition.
English Cultural Studies Central presents itself as a gathering spot and central clearinghouse where those of us who live and breathe Cultural Studies can go to learn more and do more.
English Culture Machine. This is a, very academic, electronic magazine of work and analyses in culture and theory from a diverse range of international authors. Up until now there's one issue for each year, starting from 1999 on.
English Cultural Studies Strikes Back. "The media have colonized culture," Douglas Kellner writes, "... they are the primary vehicle for the distribution and dissemination of culture." However, as he tries to prove on this web site, cultural studies are ready to fight media power. This site has many links to the works of Anzaldua, Baudrillard, Chomsky, Deleuze, Delgado, Derrida, Galeano, Gates, jr., Giroux, Gomez-Péna, Gramsci, Guattari, Hall, Harding, Jameson, Lefebvre, the Luke's, Thompson, West, Williams and, of course Kellner himself.
Dutch Cut-up. Dit internet-tijdschrift stelt zich als doel om inzicht te verschaffen in de diversiteit van de underground-cultuur door er een digitale blauwdruk van te maken. In de praktijk betekent dat veel goede en kritische besprekingen van nieuwe culturele uitingen en van al dan niet theoretische publicaties daarover.
English Dutchsound.nl is an English language information source on Dutch music and the Dutch music industry, initiated by the Conamus foundation — a non-profit subsidiary of the Dutch music copyright organisation Buma. Most important feature of this site are five charts provided by Megacharts, the compiler of all major Dutch charts: the singles chart, the album chart, the alternative chart and the dance chart. Added to this is Dutchsound's own Dutch-language Top 30.
English Early Television Foundation. This foundation maintains the Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio, US, and a web site full of information on the technical aspects of early televison.
English Echo is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and web-based journal about music and culture, created and edited by graduate students in the Department of Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles.
English Elizabeth McLeod's Broadcasting History Resources. A collection of articles about the history of old time radio and early television in the United States, among which you'll find an interesting piece by Elizabeth McLeod herself about the first ever broadcasted serial — Amos 'n' Andy, based upon the comic strip "The Gumps".
English Enculturation. This online journal presents itself as a space devoted to theoretical approaches to discourse, culture, and society. You can find essays on rhetoric, (popular) music, film, literature, and critical / literary / postmodern theory. Volume 2/2 (spring 1999) is all about popular music, with an interesting contribution of Steven Best and Douglas Kellner on "Rap, Black Rage and Racial Difference".
English Encyclopædia Britannica. In case you've forgotten important information about some writer, singer, radio or television personality, you can look it up in this enormous encyclopedia, now also available online. Notice that you will have to become a member — so that you will have to pay for the full articles — since July 2001.
English Epguides.com. Formerly known as the Episode Guides Page, this site contains episode lists for over 1,500 TV shows. Each list contains titles and airdates. For almost 400 shows there is a more detailed episode guide containing guest stars and plot summaries.
English The EServer is a unique website where a few hundred writers, artists, editors and scholars gather to publish and discuss their works, drawing from the fields of anthropology, sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and psychoanalysis. The website hosts several electronic journals like Cultronix, Cultural Logic, Film and Television, and the Music Pages.
English EST-Magazine was started in 1991 by Brian Duguid out of a growing fascination for unusual, underground music. The seventh and final issue of EST was published in June 1996. Its contents are now made available on the Internet. The site contains articles on Industrial Music, Art Music and Muzak.
English European Media Landscape. This section of the European Journalism Center provides information about the media in several countries in Europe. It gives an overview of the press, audio-visual media, main features of media policies, professional organisations, main recent media developments and prime sources for detailed information.
English Everyday I write the book. A bibliography of (mostly) academic work on rock and pop music. This bibliography began in the fall of 1988 as a project Gil B. Rodman undertook as a graduate research assistant to Larry Grossberg at the University of Illinois. In 1998 Norma Coates of Wisconsin University brought the bibliography up to date and since then is helping to keep it that way.
Dutch E-View. Een wetenschappelijk tijdschrift op het Internet, gericht op de publicatie van onderzoek in Nederland op het gebied van theater, film, televisie en digitale media.
English FAIR, short for Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, is the American media watch group. It has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. FAIR publishes Extra!, the award-winning magazine of media criticism.
English Film-Historia Online. The Centre for Cinematic Research of the University of Barcelona continues its journal on film history with this new online edition. The articles are written in English or in Spanish.
English Filmscore Monthly. The online magazine of motion picture and television music appreciation. In addition to articles from the printed version of Film Score Monthly, this site offers Film Score Daily featuring articles, merchandise, interviews with composers, upcoming film music assignments, a message board and RealAudio sound samples.
German Forschungszentrum populäre Musik. Das FpM wurde 1983 an der Humboldt Universität als weltweit erste Institution dieser Art mit dem Ziel gegründet, die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit den populären Musikformen in Forschung und Lehre zu fördern. Schwerpunkte sind Popmusik und Jugendkultur, Popmusik als Industrie, und Popmusik als Medium in Klang. Auf diesem Site findet man ausserdem viele Texte und Materialien zum Studium der populären Musik.
English Free Press. Founded by author and professor Robert McChesney, Free Press is a national non-profit media reform organization working to - open, democratize and ignite media policy debates; - increase advocacy efforts in Washington connected to grassroots outreach across the nation; - strengthen the media reform network and the broader movement; and - make media a bona fide issue in America & mdash; through innovative grassroots and communications strategies and working with partner organizations.
Dutch Geschiedenis, Beeld en Geluid (GBG). Op dit adres vind je de website van de de gelijknamige vereniging met alle informatie over deze vereniging die zich bezighoudt met de relatie tussen audiovisuele media en geschiedenis. De vereniging vormt een platform voor iedereen die audiovisueel materiaal als historische bron voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek, onderwijs of historische documentaires gebruikt.
Dutch Giga's Nederlandse Songtekstenarchief. Dit songtekstenarchief is de officiële voortzetting van Giga's Nederlandse Songtekstenarchief, een database met meer dan achttienduizend Nederlandstalige songteksten van bijna tweeduizend artiesten. Opgezet door Walter Bergers en voortgezet door de muzieksite Muzzy.
English Glenn Hauser's World of Radio. W.O.R. is a listener-supported, public-service program about communications around the world, especially, but not limited to, Shortwave Broadcasting. All available information about the program (and much more) is presented on this site by Glenn Hauser.
English Each year the Graham Spry Fund for Public Broadcasting organizes a public keynote lecture, called the Spry Memorial Lecture, by an eminent Canadian or international figure — such as Ruth Teer-Tomaselli, Robert McChesney, Peter Dahlgren and Gareth Grainger — at the University of Montreal and at Simon Fraser University. You can read those lectures on this site.
English The History of Canadian Broadcasting. A database on the history of Canadian broadcasting assembled by the School of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson Polytechnic University in association with the Canadian Communications Foundation
English The History of Rock 'n' Roll. This web page attempts to explore the roots of rock in such a way as to illuminate the natural progression of musical styles. Attention is given to all aspects of rock 'n' roll and especially the musical styles that led to it.
English The History of Telecommunication. A timeline of technology and communication, that takes us from the smoke signal of prehistoric times into the internet telephony of the present.
Dutch IASPM Benelux. IASPM-Benelux is een tak van de International Association for the Study of Popular Music. De vereniging stelt zich ten doel de wetenschappelijk studie van populaire muziek te stimuleren middels het bevorderen van het contact, de informatieuitwisseling en de samenwerking tussen personen die actief zijn op het gebied van de populaire muziek-studies. De site staat vol informatie. Je vindt er onder meer een uitgebreide bibliografie van Nederlandstalig onderzoek.
English Illuminations. The academic discipline of cultural studies has been and still is heavily influenced by Critical Theory. This web site of Douglas Brown and Douglas Kellner offers a research resource, firmly based in Frankfurt School thought. The site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many classic and contemporary writers working along the lines of Critical Theory.
English Images — a journal on film and popular culture — is filled with articles about movies, television, videos, and other popular visual arts. It is a quarterly journal, but new articles and reviews are added every week. The "In Focus" section with extensive treatments of topics like the Western or Alfred Hitchcock certainly deserve special attention.
Dutch Informatie & Informatiebeleid is een tijdschrift over de invloed van de informatietechnologie op alle aspecten van de maatschappij. Er staan veel interessante artikelen in over over informatica en telematica, maar ook over de geschiedenis van de omroep (zie: Jan Wieten) en de muziekindustrie (zie: Paul Rutten). Op de online versie staan de jaargangen 1993-1996.
English Intensities — the Journal of Cult Media (ISSN 1471-5031) — is a peer-reviewed online journal produced at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies of Cardiff University. The available articles certainly are interesting. Since the start of the journal in 2001, though, only a few issues have been published.
English JahSonic.com. A massive website by Jan Geerinck, guiding you through the maze of contemporary culture and music styles. Though not exclusively — in fact nothing is excluded on this site — the topics center on the 1990s with timelines and discussions of house music, hiphop and garage. Theoretical reflections concern the dialectics of underground and mainstream culture. Just take a walk through this amazing labyrinth.
English Jingle University. Ben Freedman teaches you professional audio producing, recording, mixing and sales techniques on this site dedicated to the study of jingles, designed for audio producers, musicians, singers, songwriters, midi artists, radio/TV/cable professionals, audio engineers or anyone fascinated with the jingle business.
English Lacan dot com. On this web site Josefina Ayerza tells her readers all there is to know about Jacques Lacan and people expanding Lacan's frame of reference, like Jacques-Alain Miller, Alain Badiou and Slavoj Zizek. The site also houses the online journal The Symptom and the archive of Lacanian Ink.
French LISA is a peer-reviewed e-journal, accommodated on the web site of the Maison de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines at the University of Caen, France. The journal covers the fields of cultural studies, literature, the visual arts, music, media studies, sociology, history and anthropology. The articles are written in French or English. Volume 2, 4, 2004, offers an interesting collection of articles on The United States through the prism of American and British popular music with an introduction by Eric Gonzalez.
English M/C. A Journal of Media and Culture. Published by the Media and Culture Centre at the University of Queensland, Australia, this journal it is neither fully academic writing nor entirely popular culture. The journal is concerned with the goings-on in today's media and culture environments, whatever form they take, and adds its own observations to the cauldron of opinions that is the Net.
English Marconicalling. Louise Weymouth and Gordon Bussey built this on-line museum for the Marconi PLC, based on the company's unique archive. Dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi and the company's early history, the collection is a treasure trove of equipment, photographs and documents for anyone with an interest in the history of wireless.
English Media and Communication Studies. Daniel Chandler's Media and Communication Studies Site or MCS (pronounced "mix") is a British-based gateway to Web resources useful in the academic study of media and communication. This marvelous site was established in Spring 1995 and is being developed by Daniel Chandler, lecturer in Media Theory at the Department of Education in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UWA). Don't forget to look at his own on-line publications.
English Media History Monographs — published at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio — is a quarterly online journal devoted to publishing historical scholarly works which are too long for regular journal articles and too short for books. All articles are peer-reviewed and all methodologies are welcome. Editors are David Copeland and Patrick S. Washburn.
English Media History Project. On this site, partially affiliated with the American Journalism History Association, Kristina Ross offers access to a fascinating variety of historiography on all kinds of media, introducing historians working in cognate fields to each other's work — and to each other.
Dutch Media Pages. Een mooie site, waarop Wim van de Water herinneringen ophaalt aan en het nieuws bijhoudt over het Nederlandse radiogebeuren. De site bevat onder meer een tijdbalk van de zeezenders, een geschiedenis van Radio Veronica, Radio Noordzee, Radio Caroline, en interviews met deejays.
English MediaChannel.org is a nonprofit, public interest web site, concerned with the political, cultural and social impacts of the media. It offers news, reports and commentary from an international network of media-issues organizations and publications, as well as original features from contributors and staff. Resources include thematic special reports, an indexed directory of hundreds of affiliated groups and a search engine constituting the single largest online media-issues database.
English Militant Esthetix. Critical Theory goes Zappa on the web site of British philosopher Esther Leslie and her American colleague Ben Watson. It is funny and serious at the same time. If this disturbs you, remember that's exactly their objective. And really, it's worth a try, if only because of Leslie's papers on Walter Benjamin and Leslie's and Watson's observations on punk in Wolverhampton.
English Music Theory Online. MTO is a refereed, electronic journal published by the Society for Music Theory. The majority of its contributions center around the topic of the new musicology and the tradition of classical music. The journal, however, offers also some essays concerning Schenkerian analysis, which also can be fruitfull for the study of popular music. Incidentally you will find an article, directly addressing the topic of popular music, such as Peter Kaminsky's Revenge of the Boomers.
English Music Web. This site fosters Donald Clarke's Encyclopaedia of popular music with nearly 4,000 entries of performers, songwriters, producers and record labels, next to some potted histories of the tributaries like Minstrelsy, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Rock and Roll and so on. On this site one can also find the electronic version of Clarke's extensive 620 page history of popular music: The rise and fall of popular music (London: Penguin Books, Viking, 1995).
English Musical Traditions presents itself as the Magazine for Traditional Music throughout the World. As the title indicates, this British on-line magazine edited by Rod Stradling covers the subject of traditional music. Next to reviews of new albums, discographies and short articles, you can find here several long essays.
Dutch Nationaal Pop Instituut. Deze link leidt direct naar de home page van het Nationaal Pop Instituut (NPI), met recente informatie over het Nederlandse popwezen en niet te vergeten een indrukwekkende database: het Databestand van de Nederlandse Popmuziek met de biografieën en discografieën van de duizend meest belangrijke Nederlandse artiesten en bands sinds 1945.
Dutch Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, het vroegere Nationaal Audiovisueel Archief, is het grootste audiovisuele archief van Nederland. "Beeld en Geluid" verzamelt, conserveert en stelt het audiovisueel erfgoed van Nederland ter beschikking. De collecties geven een beeld van de geschiedenis van Nederland en de geschiedenis van de media vanaf maar liefst 1896.
English The Offshore Radio Guide. An extensive overview of the past and present of offshore radio by Martin van der Ven. A site with many articles, photo galleries and an impressive up to date list of links to all the important sites on the subject on the internet.
English Olav Torvund's Guitar Pages. On this site Olav Torvund not only presents his guitar lessons, but also and at the same time discusses the basic harmonic patterns and chord progressions in rock music. Standard sequences and variations are illustrated with examples and songlists.
English Ontheshortwaves.com. This site, supervised by Jerry Berg and John C. Herkimer, is devoted to the history of shortwave broadcasting, the shortwave broadcast DXing hobby and related aspect of early radio. The site hosts many full-text articles and recordings.
English Organdi Quarterly is a peer-reviewed internet journal, appearing since 2000 in the French and English language. It covers a broad range of cultural issues, like painting, photography, cinema, video, music and writing. Most articles concern the products of "serious" culture, but not all. In the third issue of october 2001, for instance, you will find some interesting essays about utopian themes in popular culture.
English Outskirts is a feminist, cultural studies journal published twice yearly, in May and November. In its archives you will find some reviews and essays on gender issues in popular music. Look for instance at Mandy Treagus' essay Gazing at the Spice Girls.
English Perfect Sound Forever. This online monthly music magazine, in "business" since 1993, is offering a lot of articles on jazz, rock music and the next things coming.
English Philip Tagg's Online Texts. Philip Tagg, nowadays employed as "professeur titulaire de musicologie" at the University of Montreal, has been involved with popular music studies from their very beginnings. You can find his collected papers, articles and reviews here on his own site.
English The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. In the 1960s and 1970s, offshore radio did much to promote the advent of rock music in Europe. The deejays of the popular off-shore radio stations were important trendsetters. The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame list their names in its DJ directory with lots of information, photo's and audio samples.
English Plagiarism Cases. This site was created by the D. Pinter for investigating music plagiarism in an analytic form. This kind of analyses are prepared normally by forensic musicology experts of the opponent parties in plagiarism cases. These analyses may differ much in findings and consequences depending on which side the expert support. Here Pinter revises some plagiarism cases to obtain an independent "third party" judgement for those interested.
English Polymorphous Space. A Japanese site by Tetsuo Kogawa, dedicated to all forms of home run radio, ranging from micro radio to web radio, including excellent information from around the world, a catalogue of ham radio reports conducted on the web and a history of the Micro Radio.
English popcultures.com. Formerly known as Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center, this site is one of the best places to visit on the net, when you're looking for texts, newsgroups, reading lists and anything you can think of that's on internet but you haven't yet found on the subject of cultural studies.
German PopScriptum, gegründet 1992 als erstes deutschsprachiges Publikationsforum zur Popmusik-Forschung und herausgegeben vom Forschungszentrum Populäre Musik der Humboldt-Universität, hat sein Erscheinen in gedruckter Form eingestellt und wird jetzt in einer elektronischen Version im Internet weitergeführt. PopScriptum steht nach wie vor all denjenigen offen, die sich im deutschsprachigen Raum wissenschaftlich mit den populären Musikformen auseinandersetzen.
English Popular Musicology Online is the new online version of "Popular Musicology Quarterly". As a refereed journal with an international advisory panel of top popular musicologists, it addresses the problematics of examining popular music, offering a platform to academics seeking new methodological avenues for musicological inquiry. It is intended for all scholars of popular music whatever their discipline, and offers its readers a stimulating window on the most pioneering work taking place in the fastest growing area of music education.
English Postmodern Culture is published by Johns Hopkins University Press. In its archives, dating back to 1990, the journal offers a broad range of articles online on the subject of postmodern culture.
English Queen Songs — Recording and Songwriting. People looking for Queen song analyses can now find them at this site. The analyses are written by Denes Pinter in the vein of Alan W. Pollack's Notes on ... Series.
English Radio 4 All. This site will, as it claims, connect you to the movement to reclaim the airwaves. Here you will links to the sites of almost all radio stations and organizations associated to the free radio movement.
English Radio Days is an American website, presenting itself as a source for the history of nostalgic and old time radio series and news. The site maintains many articles on old radio series and a database with over 500 links to similar sites.
German Radio Journal / Net Edition. Ein Zeitschrift mit Fakten, Hintergründe, Berichte, Interviews, Buch-Tipps, Buchbesprechungen und so weiter, für alle die sich interessieren für das Medium Radio in all seinen Facetten, beim Hörfunk arbeiten oder in der Werbebranche tätig sind.
French Radio Normandie: l'histoire. France Radio Club, né en 1974 grâce à la rencontre d'auditeurs de la station Radio Northsea International, propose depuis 1974 la seule publication au monde dédiée à la radio libre et offshore: Offshore Echos Magazine (OEM). Il existe deux versions différentes, l'une en français, l'autre en anglais totalement différente. La site aussi presente cette histoire de Radio Normandie, la première radio commerciale en Normandie (1929-1974).
Dutch Radiofreak.nl. Dit is een site met actuele informatie over lopende zaken en gebeurtenissen in het Nederlandse radiowereldje.
Dutch RadioVisie is de nieuwswebsite bij uitstek over radio in de Benelux. Met haar archief biedt de site actuele berichtgeving met een kenmerkende kritische benadering van het radiogebeuren in de Benelux, geplaatst tegen de historische achtergrond van meer dan een kwarteeuw radiogeschiedenis.
English Recording Technology History. New technologies are an important drive for the development of music. Steve Schoenherr (U.S. Mass Media History at the University of San Diego) illustrates this point in his multi media project on the history of recording technology.
Dutch Rock around the world. Tussen 1956 en 1966 verschenen in Nederland een groot aantal singles van bekende en inmiddels minder bekende rock-'n-roll-groepen. Op deze site geeft Henri Smeets — de auteur van Indo-, neder-, suri-rock 1956-1965, Het fotohoezenboek der Nederlandse rock-'n-roll- en tienermuziek 1960-1966 en Rock-'n-roll rond de wereld — een overzicht.
English The Rock Out Censorship (ROC) is an organization fighting against — yes, indeed — all forms of censorship in rock music. Their online magazine Voice of Rock Out Censorship offers you band interviews, original band photos, scathing editorials and a lot of informative, educational articles on the issue of censorship.
English Scope — an online journal of film studies — is a fully-refereed academic journal published by the Institute of Film Studies of the University of Nottingham. New book and film reviews and conference reports are published every February, May, August and November, and new articles are posted every February, May and November.
English Screening The Past is an international, refereed, electronic journal of visual media and history. It publishes articles on the history of photography, film, television and multimedia; the representation of history on and in these media; and the role of these media in social history.
Dutch Stichting Media Communicatie. De SMC publiceert het Freewave Media Magazine. Dit tijdschrift behandelt — zoals de naam al aangeeft — alles wat te maken heeft met radio en televisie voorzover dat buiten het bereik ligt van de overheid. Veel aandacht gaat uit naar de geschiedenis van de radio en met name die van de zeezenders. Op de web site van de SMC staat meer informatie over dit blad. Ook kun je er boeken en CD's bestellen.
Dutch Stichting Nipkow. Een site met alle informatie over de Zilveren Nipkow-schijf en de Zilveren Reiss-microfoon, de oudste radio- en televisie-prijzen van Nederland. De prijswinnaars, de juryrapporten en de dankwoorden van de winnaars zijn per jaar gerangschikt. Daarnaast is er een beknopte lijst van alle winnaars door de jaren heen. Ook vind je er de geschiedenis van de Stichting Nipkow en een biografie van de naamgevers van de prijzen.
English Stuart Borthwick. On the web site of Stuart Borthwick of Liverpool John Moores University, you can find his thesis on "Dance, culture, television," an analysis of the politics of contemporary dance culture and its televisual representations" published in 1998.
Dutch Tempus Omnia Revelat, oftewel: de tijd zal het leren. Onder die titel verricht de onderzoeksgroep TOR van de Vrije Universiteit Brussel onderzoek naar culturele veranderingen in Vlaanderen op het gebied van media, jeugdcultuur, educatie en burgerschap, participatie van jongeren in het onderwijs en de participatie van volwassenen in het verenigingsleven. De publicaties van de deelnemers kunnen worden opgezocht op een aparte pagina. Een deel van de resultaten is in PDF-formaat beschikbaar.
English Television Tropes and Idioms. Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. This site present those tropes in a wiki, that is growing ever more voluminous and that extends its boundaries to include other media.
English Theory & Method in American / Cultural Studies. In this bibliography T.V. Reed offers an historical survey of and an introduction to work on theory and method in American Studies. Its aim is to give American Studies students and scholars both a sense of trends over time and a tool kit for work in the present.
English theory.org.uk. Social theory for fans of popular culture and popular culture for fans of theory. Under that caption this web site offers short introductions to theories, theorists and reviews of new books on popular culture. If you follow this link, don't forget to visit the Lego Theorists and to look at the growing series of Cultural Theory Trading Cards.
English United States Early Radio History. This is Thomas H. White's excellent online collection of articles and extracts about early radio and related technologies, concentrating on the United States in the period from 1897 to 1927.
English Unterberger. On the website of Richie Unterberger, author of books on music history such as Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers and Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll you will find extensive excerpts of his writings and interviews with known and lesser known rock artists. The site also offers many of Unterberger's music book reviews online.
English The World's Earliest Television Recordings. On this site Don McLean gives in-depth information and examples of restored recordings out of the era of mechanically-scanned television (1927-1935), 30-Line televison, and British television history.
English Yorkshire and Humberside Books is the publishing company of author Bob Preedy, living in Yorkshire, England. He's fascinated with local history and has written several books on aspects of Yorkshire life, like the offshore station Radio 270, and the old cinema's and theaters in Bradford, Harrogate, Humberside, Leeds and Wetherby.
English Youth, Sound and Space. The page is designed as a "crossroads" of sorts for young academics and researchers who have common interests in youth cultures that involve musical practices and the construction of social space. The site hosts online publications on contemporary music scenes — mainly in Australia — and a short list of links.
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