The Kinks on Pye 1964-1970

Joseph Brennan. copyright 1994.

Any fan can tell you the Kinks' record releases from the 1960's are a mess. The original series of releases on Pye (UK) included many songs available only on singles and EPs, and were in any case soon replaced by a long series of reissue LPs continually duplicating each other in part. The US releases on Reprise were more stable over time but omitted some songs, and some of the singles were almost impossible to obtain. Most fans ended up with a lot of duplication, forced to buy whole LPs just to get one or two more songs not yet in their collections. And then, in the 1970's and 1980's, more songs from the Pye years leaked out, undated.

No one's yet issued a proper reissue series of CDs, combining each original album with other songs from the same period. Perhaps no one ever will. It begs the question that the albums had any chronological coherence to begin with. Instead songs were held back and released later mixed with other material, starting with the very first album. There isn't too much evidence either that anyone held the original album compilations to be works of art, so preserving them as distinct packages isn't being argued much. Ray Davies's attempts at album composition always seemed to be defeated by troubles with his publishers or record companies. The remarkable original plan for "Face to Face" with sound effect blends between songs cannot now be reconstructed. Perhaps only "Arthur" has a unity of purpose.

Only some small information on the recording order is known. Although Jon Savage's "The Kinks / The Official Biography" (Faber and Faber, 1984) mentions some dates in passing, the only source that really attempts to sort this out is Doug Hinman's "You Really Got Me" (from Doug Hinman [P O Box 4759, Rumford RI 02916-0759], 1994), which is based on contemporary published reports and interviews. Both Doug Hinman and the Kinks' producer for much of this period, Shel Talmy, tell me they believe the studio records needed for better dating do not exist. Indeed it is said the master tapes also do not exist for some of these songs.

This list owes quite a debt to Doug's book, which contains far more detail on the records and dates-- it is over 500 pages of neat stuff for any Kinks collector. I've abbreviated the album and EP titles, and give the dates of singles just to identify them. Those items listed as "unreleased" are here because they have appeared on bootlegs. You probably don't own all the songs in their original appearances, and will need to key the songs to your own collection, but if you are lucky enough to have all or most of the following, at least now you can listen to them grouped in some manner conducive to understanding the Kinks' growth as artists.

Date                                                Original UK appearance
  Song (Writer)                                     or *other first release

1964 Jan
  Long Tall Sally (Johnson--Penniman--Blackwell)        single 2/64
  I took my baby home (R Davies)                        B-side 2/64, Kinks
  You still want me (R Davies)                          single 4/64
  You do something to me (R Davies)                     B-side 4/64

1964 Jun
  It's alright (R Davies)                               B-side 8/64

1964 Jul
  You really got me (R Davies)                          single 8/64, Kinks

1964 Aug
  Beautiful Delilah (Berry)                             Kinks
  So mystifying (R Davies)                              Kinks
  Just can't go to sleep (R Davies)                     Kinks
  Long Tall Shorty (Covay--Abramson)                    Kinks
  I'm a lover, not a fighter (Miller)                   Kinks
  Cadillac (McDaniel)                                   Kinks
  Bald headed woman (trad)                              Kinks
  Revenge (R Davies--Page)                              Kinks
  Too much monkey business (Berry)                      Kinks
  I've been driving on Bald Mountain (trad)             Kinks
  Stop your sobbing (R Davies)                          Kinks
  Got love if you want it (Moore)                       Kinks
  I gotta move (R Davies)                               B-side 10/64
  Tired of waiting for you (R Davies)                   single 1/65, Kinda

1964 Sep-Oct
  All day and all of the night (R Davies)               single 10/64
  I gotta go now (R Davies)                             Kinksize Sess EP
  Louie Louie (R Berry)                                 Kinksize Sess EP
  Things are getting better (R Davies)                  Kinksize Sess EP
  I've got that feeling (R Davies)                      Kinksize Sess EP

1964 Dec-1965 Jan
  Come on now (R Davies)                                B-side 1/65, Kinda
  Don't ever change (R Davies)                          Kinda
  Something better beginning (R Davies)                 Kinda
  Ev'rybody's gonna be happy (R Davies)                 single 3/65
  Who'll be the next in line (R Davies)                 B-side 3/65
  overdubs for Tired of waiting for you

1965 Feb
  Look for me baby (R Davies)                           Kinda
  Got my feet on the ground (D Davies--R Davies)        Kinda
  Nothin' in this world can stop me worryin'
    'bout that girl (R Davies)                          Kinda
  Naggin' (West--Anderson)                              Kinda
  Wonder where my baby is tonight (R Davies)            Kinda
  Dancing in the street (Stevenson--Gaye)               Kinda
  So long (R Davies)                                    Kinda
  You shouldn't be sad (R Davies)                       Kinda

1965 Apr
  Set me free (R Davies)                                single 5/65
  I need you (R Davies)                                 B-side 5/65
  See my friend (R Davies)                              single 7/65
  Never met a girl like you before (R Davies)           B-side 7/65
  Such a shame (R Davies)                               Kwyet EP
  Time will tell (R Davies)                             *Dead End Street LP

1965 May --demos
  Tell me now, so I'll know (R Davies)                  *unrel
  A little bit of sunlight (R Davies)                   *unrel
  I go to sleep (R Davies)                              *unrel
  When I see that girl of mine (R Davies)               *unrel
  There's a new world (that's opening for me) (R Davies)*unrel

1965 Jun-Jul
  Wait till the summer comes along (D Davies)           Kwyet EP
  A well respected man (R Davies)                       Kwyet EP
  Don't you fret (R Davies)                             Kwyet EP

1965 Oct
  Milk cow blues (Estes)                                Kontroversy
  Ring the bells (R Davies)                             Kontroversy
  Gotta get the first plane home (R Davies)             Kontroversy
  When I see that girl of mine (R Davies)               Kontroversy
  I am free (D Davies)                                  Kontroversy
  Till the end of the day (R Davies)                    single 11/65, Kontrov
  The world keeps going round (R Davies)                Kontroversy
  I'm on an island (R Davies)                           Kontroversy
  Where have all the good times gone (R Davies)         B-side 11/65, Kontrov
  It's too late (R Davies)                              Kontroversy
  What's in store for me (R Davies)                     Kontroversy
  You can't win (R Davies)                              Kontroversy
  I'll remember (R Davies)                              Face

1965 Dec
  Sitting on my sofa (R Davies)                         B-side 2/66
  Party line (R Davies--D Davies)                       Face  
  You're looking fine (R Davies)                        Face
  And I will love you (R Davies)                        *unrel

1966 Jan
  Dedicated follower of fashion (R Davies)              single 2/66
  I'm not like everybody else (R Davies)                B-side 6/66
  Dandy (R Davies)                                      Face

1966 Apr-May
  Too much on my mind (R Davies)                        Face
  End of the season (R Davies)                          Something
  Rosy won't you please come home (R Davies)            Face
  Session man (R Davies)                                Face
  House in the country (R Davies)                       Face
  Most exclusive residence for sale (R Davies)          Face
  This is where I belong (R Davies)                     *Dutch B-side 4/67
  She's got everything (R Davies)                       B-side 6/68

1966 May
  Sunny afternoon (R Davies)                            single 6/66, Face
  Rainy day in June (R Davies)                          Face
  Holiday in Waikiki (R Davies)                         Face
  Big black smoke (R Davies)                            B-side 11/66

1966 Jun
  Fancy (R Davies)                                      Face
  Little Miss Queen of Darkness (R Davies)              Face

1966 Aug --demo
  All night stand (R Davies)                            *unrel

1966 Oct
  Dead end street (R Davies)                            single 11/66

1966 Nov-Dec
  Village Green (R Davies)                              Village
  Two sisters (R Davies)                                Something
  Mr Pleasant (R Davies)                                *Dutch single 4/67
  Act nice and gentle (R Davies)                        B-side 5/67
  Harry rag (R Davies)                                  Something
  No return (R Davies)                                  Something
  David Watts (R Davies)                                Something

1967 Jan-Feb
  Tin soldier man (R Davies)                            Something
  Situation vacant (R Davies)                           Something
  Love me till the sun shines (D Davies)                B-side 7/67, Something
  Afternoon tea (R Davies)                              Something

1967 Apr
  Waterloo sunset (R Davies)                            single 5/67, Something

1967 May
  Death of a clown (D Davies--R Davies)                 single 7/67, Something

1967 Jun
  Lazy old sun (R Davies)                               Something
  Funny face (D Davies)                                 Something

1967 Aug
  Susannah's still alive (D Davies)                     single 11/67

1967 Sep
  Autumn almanac (R Davies)                             single 10/67

1967 "mid to late"
  Polly (R Davies)                                      B-side 4/68
  Berkeley Mews (R Davies)                              B-side 6/70
  Easy come, there you went (R Davies)                  *unrel

1968 Jan
  Wonderboy (R Davies)                                  single 4/68
  There is no life without love (R Davies--D Davies)    B-side 6/68
  Rosemary Rose (R Davies)                              *Great Lost

1968 Mar
  Lincoln County (D Davies)                             single 6/68
  Animal farm (R Davies)                                Village
  Lavender Hill (R Davies)                              *Great Lost
  Pictures in the sand (R Davies)                       *Great Lost
  Spotty grotty Anna                                    *Dead End Street LP

1968 May
  Days (R Davies)                                       single 6/68
  Picture book (R Davies)                               Village
  Johnny Thunder (R Davies)                             Village
  Wicked Annabella (R Davies)                           Village
  Monica (R Davies)                                     Village
  Did you see his name (R Davies)                       *Kronikles
  Misty water (R Davies)                                *Great Lost

1968 Jul
  Do you remember Walter (R Davies)                     Village
  Sitting by the riverside (R Davies)                   Village
  Starstruck (R Davies)                                 Village
  All of my friends were there (R Davies)               Village
  People take pictures of each other (R Davies)         Village

1968 Aug
  The Village Green Preservation Society (R Davies)     Village

1968 Sep
  Till death us do part (R Davies)                      *Great Lost

1968 Oct
  Last of the steam powered trains (R Davies)           Village
  Big sky (R Davies)                                    Village
  King Kong (R Davies)                                  B-side 3/69

1968 Nov
  Phenomenal cat (R Davies)                             Village
  Mr Songbird (R Davies)                                *Village (Eur)

1968 Dec
  Hold my hand (D Davies)                               single 1/69
  Creeping Jean (D Davies)                              B-side 1/69

1969 Jan-Feb
  Where did my spring go (R Davies)                     *Great Lost
  When I turn out the living room light (R Davies)      *Big Ball, *Great Lost

1969 Mar
  Plastic man (R Davies)                                single 3/69

1969 May
  Drivin' (R Davies)                                    single 6/69, Arthur
  Mindless child of motherhood (D Davies)               B-side 6/69

1969 May-Jun
  Victoria (R Davies)                                   Arthur, single 12/69
  Yes sir, no sir (R Davies)                            Arthur
  Some mother's son (R Davies)                          Arthur
  Brainwashed (R Davies)                                Arthur
  Australia (R Davies)                                  Arthur
  Shangri-la (R Davies)                                 Arthur, single 9/69
  Mr Churchill says (R Davies)                          Arthur, B-side 12/69
  She's bought a hat like Princess Marina (R Davies)    Arthur
  Young and innocent days (R Davies)                    Arthur
  Nothing to say (R Davies)                             Arthur
  Arthur (R Davies)                                     Arthur

1969 Jun
  This man he weeps tonight (D Davies)                  B-side 9/69
  Mr Reporter (R Davies)                                *unrel
  I'm crying (D Davies)                                 *unrel
  Mr Shoemaker's daughter (R Davies)                    *unrel
  Are you ready (D Davies)                              *unrel
  Do you wish to be a man (D Davies)                    *unrel
  Groovy movies (R Davies)                              *Great Lost

1970 Apr
  Lola (R Davies)                                       single 6/70, Lola
  Powerman (R Davies)                                   Lola
  Got to be free (R Davies)                             Lola

1970 Aug-Sep
  The contenders (R Davies)                             Lola
  Strangers (D Davies)                                  Lola
  Denmark Street (R Davies)                             Lola
  Get back in line (R Davies)                           Lola
  Top of the Pops (R Davies)                            Lola
  The moneygoround (R Davies)                           Lola
  This time tomorrow (R Davies)                         Lola
  A long way from home (R Davies)                       Lola
  Rats (D Davies)                                       Lola, B-side 11/70
  Apeman (R Davies)                                     Lola, single 11/70

1970 Oct
  God's children (R Davies)                             Percy
  Lola (instrumental) (R Davies)                        Percy
  The way love used to be (R Davies)                    Percy
  Completely (R Davies)                                 Percy
  Running round town (R Davies)                         Percy
  Moments (R Davies)                                    Percy
  Animals in the zoo (R Davies)                         Percy
  Just friends (R Davies)                               Percy
  Whip lady (R Davies)                                  Percy
  Dreams (R Davies)                                     Percy
  Helga (R Davies)                                      Percy
  Willesden Green (R Davies)                            Percy
  God's children (end) (R Davies)                       Percy

This is the end of the Kinks' recordings for Pye.