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volume 4
july 2001

Standard rock guitar notations of inflections


Appendix to: "Staccato, swivel and glide"
Bend: Strike the note and bend up 1/2 step (one fret).   Vibrato: Vibrate the note by rapidly bending and releasing the string with a left-hand finger.
Bend: Strike the note and bend up a whole step (two frets).   Wide or exaggerated vibrato: Vibrate the pitch by a greater degree with a left-hand finger or the tremolo bar.
Bend and release: Strike the note and bend up 1/2 (or whole) step, then release the bend back to the original note. All three notes are tied; only the first note is struck.   Slide: Strike the first note and then with the same left-hand finger move up the string to the second note. The second note is not struck.
Pre-bend: Bend the note up 1/2 (or whole) step, then strike it.   Slide: Same as above, except the second note is struck.
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