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Mostly academic writings about the Beatles
by Markus Heuger

  The Beabliography is a bibliography of books and articles, focusing mainly on academic works on the Beatles. By now the database covers over 600 titles, some with links and/or abstracts. Please mail us if you like to add yet another title to this list.
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  • Urban, Peter (1979), Rollende Worte — die Poesie des Rock von der Straßenballade zum Pop-Song. Frankfurt a. M., 1979.
  • Uschanov, T.P. (1996, "Not A Second Time. A study in rock semiotics." In: T.P. Uschanov's Icy Frigid Aire, (last updated: 14 February 1999); and in: Soundscapes, 2000-2001, 3 (Summer); English translation of a paper that originally appeared in 1996 in: Minervan Pöllö, a philosophical quarterly published at the University of Helsinki.
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