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Mostly academic writings about the Beatles
by Markus Heuger

  The Beabliography is a bibliography of books and articles, focusing mainly on academic works on the Beatles. By now the database covers over 600 titles, some with links and/or abstracts. Please mail us if you like to add yet another title to this list.
History - Various Aspects (1 to 15 of 18 items)
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  • Appen, Ralf von, and André Doehring (2006), "Nevermind the Beatles, here's Exile 61 and Nico: 'The top 100 records of all time'. A canon of pop and rock albums from a sociological and an aesthetic perspective." In: Popular Music, 25, 1, 21–39. [Abstract]
  • Baker, Glenn A. (1982), The Beatles down under. The 1964 Australia and New Zealand tour. Ann Arbor: Pierian Press, 1985 (reprint).
  • Braun, Michael (1964), 'Love Me Do!' The Beatles progress. London: Penguin Books, 1995 [Reprint].
  • Doggett, Peter (2010), You never give me your money. The Beatles after the breakup. New York: The Bodley Head.
  • Granados, Stefan (2002), Those were the days. An unofficial history of the Beatles' Apple organization, 1967-2001. London: Cherry Red Books, 2002.
  • Harry, Bill (1985), Beatles for sale. London: Virgin Books.
  • Harry, Bill (2009), Liverpool. Bigger than the Beatles. London: Trinity Mirror.
  • Harry, Bill (2010), In my life. Lennon's Liverpool. London: Trinity Mirror.
  • Hoppe, David (1995), "With a little help from our friends: the Beatles' Apple adventure revisited." In: New Art Examiner, 1995, 22 (Summer), 18-23.
  • Howlett, Kevin (1982), The Beatles at the Beeb. The story of their radio career, 1962-65. London: BBC Publications, 1982.
  • Ingham, Peter, and Toru Mitsui (1987), "The search for Sweet Georgia Brown. A case for discographical detection." In: Popular Music, 1987, 6, 3, 273-290.
  • Inglis, Ian, and Charlotte Wilkins (2015), "L'histoire, l'endroit et le moment: le déclenchement de la British Invasion." ["History, Place and Time: the British Invation Begins."] In: Volume!, 12, 2: 87-107.
  • Julien, Olivier (2016), "50 ans de Beatles studies." ["50 Years of Beatles Studies."] In: Volume! La revue des musiques populaires, 12, 2: 15-42 (Special Beatles studies).
  • Matheja, Bernd (2003), Internationale Pilzvergiftung. Die Beatles im Spiegel der deutschen Presse, 1963-1967. [International mushroom poisening. The Beatles in the mirror of the German press, 1963 — 1967.] Hambergen: Bear Family Records (ISBN 3-89795-940-2).
  • Rabinowitz, Dorothy (1981), "John Lennon's mourners." In: Commentary, 1981, 71, 2 (February), 58.
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