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Programming in C/C++ (Part I)

Academic Year 2022-2023

Ocasys name and code: C++ fundamentals, WBCS033-05

The C++ course is presented in English

Please contact Jurjen Bokma or Frank Brokken if you have any questions about this course.

The next C/C++ course (part I) starts September 2022.

Before registering for this course please first visit the main C++ course web-page.

Please use the following form to register for this course. If your studie requires you to register at, e.g., progresswww, then you should do so as well. However, registration at progresswww is not required for this course.

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Programming in C/C++ (part I)

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During the course we use two books: `De programmeertaal C' and `the C++ Annotations'. Many students prefer to have their own printed copies of these books. New copies of these books are printed every year, just before the couse starts, by the central printing service of the University.
The book `De programmeertaal C' is in Dutch, which might be a problem for non-Dutch speaking participants. Fortunately, almost every basic book about the C programming language can be used instead.
On the other hand there's no such flexibility with respect to the C++ Annotations. The Annotations are in English, and the course is strongly tied to the Annotation's current version. Participants are therefore strongly advised to obtain their own copies.

It is possible to order your copies of the books using this form. There is no obligation to order your books here, although you seriously should consider doing so. Do not assume spare copies remain available once the course has started. Throughout the course the books are intensively used, and from the course's very beginning we assume that you have access to your own copies.

Please indicate below which books you would like to order. This requires an explicit action on your part: by default you don't order the books.

Currently, the exact prices of the books are not yet known. The 2022-2023 prices will be close to the ones shown:

Order a copy of ``De Programmeertaal C'' (€ 20.--):   NO     YES
Order a copy of the ``C++ Annotations'' (€ 40.--):   NO     YES

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Note: registration is only possible from within the Netherlands. If you're outside of the Netherlands please send the required details by e-mail to one of the lecturers, requesting registration.

Frank B. Brokken (
28 February 2022