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  Abstract 0318
  Hicter, Marcel (1977), "La contre-culture n'existe pas." [There is no counterculture.] In: Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie (Solvay), 1977, 3-4, 495-505.
  In his contribution to the Colloquium "Culture, contre-cultures?" Marcel Hicter argues that there is no counterculture but only cultures and subcultures. The dichotomous conceptualization culture / counterculture is a domination tool. So-called counterculture is described as an avatar of the industrialization of "culture" aiming at capturing new markets. Culture / counterculture are two sides of a unique phenomenon and everything must fall in one category or the other; transition from one to the other is easy, as witnessed by Timothy Leary, the Beatles, or Andy Warhol. A democratization of culture is advocated, through which all existing cultures are given equal chances of development.
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