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volume 2
july 1999

The economic importance of music in the European Union


  Background to the research
by Dave Laing
  In September 1996 the European Music Office published its report on "Music in Europe". The first part of this study, written by Dave Laing, describes the economic importance of music in the European Union. Here the author goes into the backgrounds to the research.
Next note Much of the statistical information included in this section is based on responses to a questionnaire compiled for EMO by CIMEC (Centro de Investigacion del Mercado Cultural), the Madrid-based research company.
  This section was compiled using the results of the questionnaire and material from other sources by Dave Laing of the University of Westminster, London, who is also the associate editor of the newsletter Financial Times Music & Copyright. Where the source of information in a table is described as "estimates", these estimates have been made by the author.
Next note The European Music Office wishes to thank the following for their assistance in providing information for this Section of the Study:
  ADAMI (France), AC Neilsen (Ireland), AEPI (Greece), AFP Portugal, AKM (Austria), Arts Council (England), Arts Council (Ireland), Austro Mechana (Austria), BPI (United Kingdom), BPW (Germany), BUMA (Netherlands), Cable Management Ireland, Cablelink (Ireland), CEMF (France), Central statistics Office (Ireland), CNC (France), CONAMUS (Netherlands), CSFI (France), Danish MIC (Denmark), Dehoga (Germany), Department of Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht (Ireland), Department of Transport, Energy and Communications (Ireland), Deutscher Bühnenverein Bundesverband Deutscher Theater (Germany), DEP (France), DOV (Germany), Finnish MIC (Finland), GRAMEX (Finland), GVL (Germany), IFPI Belgium, IFPI Finland, IFPI Secretariat (United Kingdom), IMRO (Ireland), Independent Radio and Television Commission (Ireland), JNLR (Ireland), KODA (Denmark), MCPS (United Kingdom), MICA (Austria), Musicians' Union (Finland), NVPI (Netherlands), PRS (United Kingdom), RTE (Ireland), SABAM (Belgium), SACEM (France), SDRM (France), SGAE (Spain), SIMAVELEC (France), SIAE (Italy), SNEP (France), SPA (Portugal), SPEDIDAM (France), SPPF (France), SPRE (France), Statistics Denmark, Swedish MIC (Sweden), TEOSTO (Finland), TNO-STB (Netherlands).
Next note The ECU exchange rates used in the study are as follows:
Austria 13.26 ATS Italy 1924.00 ITL
Belgium 38.75 BEF Luxembourg 38.85 LUF
Denmark 7.27 DKK Netherlands 2.11 NLG
Finland 5.60 FIM Portugal 193.00 PTE
France 6.43 FRF Spain 159.60 ESP
Germany 1.88 DEM Sweden 8.42 SEK
Greece 301.50 GRD UK 0. 82 GBP
Ireland 0.79 IEP      
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