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volume 2
july 1999

The economic importance of music in the European Union


  Figures and tables
  by Dave Laing
  In September 1996 the European Music Office published its report on "Music in Europe". The first part of this study, written by Dave Laing, describes the economic importance of music in the European Union. This page offers an overview of the figures and tables of his study.

  Figure 1: Production and Sales of Sound Recordings
  Table 0.1: Shares of Retail Price of CD or MC
  Figure 2: Organization and Flow of Payments for a Concert Performance
  Figure 3: Performing Rights Payments
  Figure 4: Relationships of the Various Actors in the Music Industry
  Table 1.1: Retail Sales of Soundcarriers in the EU 1995
  Table 1.2: Album Sales per Capita 1995
  Table 1.3: Soundcarrier and Cinema Markets 1991-1994
  Table 1.4: Consumer Expenditure on Audio and Audio-visual Entertainment 1994
  Table 1.5: The European Record Industry 1995
  Table 1.6: Soundcarrier Retailing by Type of Outlet 1995
  Table 1.7: Value Added Tax Rates for Soundcarriers and Books 1996
  Table 1.8: Soundcarrier Sales by Genre and Origin 1995
  Table 1.9: National Origins of Pan-European Hits 1995
  Table 1.10: Soundcarrier Piracy 1995
  Table 2.1: Composers' and Music Publishers' Royalties 1995
  Table 2.2: Audio Private Copying Levies 1995
  Table 2.3: Performance Royalties of Performers and Record Companies 1995
  Table 2.4: Printed Music Sales 1994
  Table 2.5: Employment in the Music Publishing Industry 1995
  Table 2.6: National Shares of Royalty Payments to Composers and Music Publishers 1995
  Table 3.1: Concerts and Other Live Performances (Classical) 1994-'95
  Table 3.2: Concerts and Other Live Performances (Popular) 1994-'95
  Table 3.3: Venues for Public Performances 1995
  Table 4.1: Musical Instrument Sales 1994
  Table 4.2: Employment in the Musical Instrument Industry
  Table 4.3: Audio Equipment Ownership 1995
  Table 4.4: Audio Equipment Markets 1995
  Table 5.1: Radio and Television Stations 1995
  Table 5.2: Radio and Television Listening and Viewing 1995
  Table 6.1: Conservatoires and other Music Colleges
  Table 7.1: Public Subsidy for Music
  Table 7.2: Funding Sources of the Printemps de Bourges Festival
  Table 8.1: Turnover of the European Union Music Industry 1995
  Table 8.2: Employment in the European Union Music Industry 1995
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