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volume 3
september 2000

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Radio London: 8. Deejay's discourse (1)
by Gerry Bishop, Hans Knot and John S. Platt
  The presentation of the daily shows by the deejays was a very important characteristic of Radio London. Though the inspiration for the approach was an American one, Radio London's address to its listeners soon acquired a typical British flavor. This page shows some pictures of the live deejays, ranging from Tony Blackburn to Paul Kaye.
1 Counting them all Radio London had, at various times, 30 live-deejays. Ordered alphabetically the fifteen first 'Big L' names were those of Tony Blackburn, Chuck Blair (coming from Radio England), Pete Brady, Tony Brandon, Dave Cash, Ian Damon, Chris Denning, Dave Dennis, (previously known as Neil Spence from Radio Atlanta), Pete Drummond John Edwards, Kenny Everett, Graham Gill (coming from Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio — sister stations on the Laissez Faire), Bill Hearne, Duncan Johnson, and Paul Kaye.
  Tony Blackburn

Chuck Blair


Pete Brady


Tony Brandon


Dave Cash


Chris Denning


Dave Dennis and Earl Richmond

Listen to Dave Dennis, the Double 'D'

Pete Drummond

10 John Edwards

Tony Windsor and Kenny Everett

No picture, but the voice of Bill Hearne, a former Caroline-deejay who joined Big L
12 Duncan Johnson

Paul Kaye

14 Ed Stewart (front left) and Pete Drummond (front right) dining on the Galaxy
15 Kenny Everett: Radio London on air
15 Mitch, the stewart and cook, with Captain Bunninga
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