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volume 3
september 2000

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Radio London: 9. Deejay's discourse (2)
by Gerry Bishop, Hans Knot and John S. Platt
  The presentation of the daily shows by the deejays was a very important characteristic of Radio London. Though the inspiration for the approach was an American one, Radio London's address to its listeners soon acquiered a typical British flavor. This page shows some pictures of the live deejays, ranging from Lorne King to John Yorke.
1 Counting them all Radio London had, at various times, 30 live-deejays. Ordered alphabetically the last fifteen 'Big L' names were those of Lorne King, Mike Lennox, John Peel, Earl Richmond, Mark Roman (coming from Radio City), John Sed, Keith Skues, Norman St. John, Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, Tommy Vance (coming from Radio Caroline), Willy Walker, Richard Warner, Alan West (coming from Radio 390 and later Radio 355), Tony Windsor (coming from Radio Atlanta and the programme director on London — in 1967 he was bought away by the Radio 355 organisation), and John Yorke.
No picture but the voice of Lorne King, Radio London's import from Canada
2 Mike Lennox

John Peel

4 Earl Richmond

Mark Roman

6 Keith Skues on air in the company of two girl fans and Ben Toney

Norman St. John


Ed Stwewart


Tommy Vance


Willy Walker


Alan West


Tony Windsor

  Dave Dennis, Paul Kaye and Bill Hearne

On October, 17th 1966 the Dutch newspaper said that Radio would soon be starting Dutch programmes (click on the picture for a larger piece of the article)

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