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volume 3
september 2000

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Radio London: 13. And thanks again ...
by Gerry Bishop, Hans Knot and John S. Platt
  And still more thanksayings to Radio London from record companies and artists.
Willy Walker, an American hero

Advert for a signal booster, specially for Radio Luxembourg, Radio Caroline and Radio London


A chart climber: advert for The Foresters, referring to the MV Galaxy


Letter from Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, personally thanking Radio London

4 Advert
5 Letter from the late Joe Meek
6 Advert of record company
7 Advert of record company
8 Advert of record company
9 Advert of record company
10 Advert of record company
11 Chris Denning advert
  Free Radio advert
13 Sunglasses advert
14 Starlite Club advert
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