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volume 2
february 2000

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Scandinavian Offshore Radio: Radio Mercur (4)
by Hans Knot
  Recently Jan van Heeren bought an old issue (July 12th 1959) of the Dutch television magazine "TV" at an auction and found ten unknown photo's of "Radio Mercur".
1 Recording studio in Copenhagen
2 In front of the Mercur building
  Tender of Radio Mercur
4 The music library situated high up in the building
5 Receptionist as well as broadcaster, Kirsten Newman
6 Program director Niels Heilmann
7 Studio on board of the Cheeta I (on the background the 1500 Watt FM transmitter)
8 Second studio
9 Technician on board the Cheeta I
10 The MV Cheeta I
  The original article was published in TV, weekblad voor televisie, July 12th, 1959, and can be found on this site at: De zwemmende piratenzender
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