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volume 4
december 2001

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Scandinavian Offshore Radio: Radio Mercur (5)
by Erik Lindhardt
  Erik Lindhardt, who worked as an engineer on board of the MV Lucky Star, sent us some nice photographs, which you will find on this page. He wrote us: "I'm 63 now, and I ended up in Australia as a retired Licensed Aircraft Radio Engineer. Forty years ago, on November 1st, 1961, I actually commenced my time as a radio transmitter pirate on a station that was new at that time: Danmarks Commercielle Radio (DCR) on Øresund, a station that was in competition to Radio Mercur. Time was to hard for running two stations, so in the end they got together, on January 29th, 1962, under the name of Radio Mercur. The cooperation, and consequently my time at Radio Mercur, lasted only slightly over five months, because the station had to close down at July 10th, 1962."
1 "Though all in all it took only some seven months, this period was a very interesting experience for me. Among other things, the MV Lucky Star had to have a new German made antenna installed, a very heavy directional one."
2 "I was in the mast for a full eight hours, with some other people from the company supplying the parts up through the mast, in minus 2 degrees weather. I came only down for twenty minutes to take a cup of coffee."
3 "Another problem was, that the cooling to the transmitter was sucking in carbon dust from the diesel generator. So my suggestion, was to take the cooling air from near the top of the mast. For this purpose we installed the heavy pipe you see along the mast on the picture."
4 "The images of Stanley Kubrick's movie Spartacus (1960) were still fresh in our minds and we were playing "Roman gladiator" on the deck when we were doing the installation of the pipe. As you can see, the weather conditions had improved in the mean time."
5 "A photograph of myself playing gladiator on the deck ..."
6 "Captain Johannes Houmoeller liked fishing. Here he proudly shows a cod he catched. The smiling lady standing next to him, is Grete, our cook."
7 "Lucky Stars audio consol operated by Tage Roepke."
8 "Console operator Leif on the Lucky Star."
9 "Chief technician Ove Andersen of the Lucky Star in front of the Siemens transmitter."
10 "Director Benny Knudsen on the Lucky Star."
11 "And, to finish this page, here am I at Mercur's audio consol on the Cheeta II."
  Photographs are copyrighted 2001 © by Erik Lindhardt
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