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volume 2
march 2000

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Scandinavian Offshore Radio: Radio Nord (2)
by Hans Knot
  Radio Nord aired its programs from February 1961 till June 1962. The station started on 606 Khz / 495 M but it March 1961 it switched to 602 Khz / 498 M — because of interference with Radio Lyon. Advertising and jingles, however kept the 606 calling. By the way, Radio Nord was the first European radio station to use jingles. Because of their connection with Gordon McLendon the initiators of Radio Nord went to PAMS for their jingles. Jack Kotschack, however, thought that the brash American sound would not appeal to the reserved Swedish audience. Therefore the jingles were re-recorded by the Henry Fox Show Orchestra.
1 Radio Nord had its own Miss Elections. Miss Nord had to promote the station and herself at local recordshops in Sweden.
2 Here we find Miss Radio Nord, posing with Kotschack and the American investors at the airport
3 Miss Radio Nord was also put forward to promote the station at international sport games. Look at the special Radio Nord transistor radio's
4 Kjell Bergstrom, newsreader
5 Bengt Törnkrantz at work in the land-based studio of Radio Nord
6 Crew onboard the radioships were sometimes more than six weeks away from home. They had no space for taking a walk. Therefore other forms of exercise were introduced to keep the muscles in working order
7 Program tapes and mail are being put into a container. During Offshore Radio's History several ways of tendering the ships in international waters were used. Next to the normal tender, Radio Nord used a plane for bringing fresh program tapes to the Bon Jour. The were packed in watertight containers. Later with other stations, dinghy's were used and one station even was tendered by a vessel of Greenpeace.
8 The Radio Nord plane together with the Radio Nord car
9 The plane drops the container near the ship
10 The plane flies away after dropping the container with radio tapes and mail
11 The container is taken on board
12 The crew looks for mail and fresh programs
13 Program director Henry Fox with Pelle Löhnndahl and Gert Landin
  Photographs are from the Freewave Media Magazine Archive and Hans Knot
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