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volume 2
march 2000

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Scandinavian Offshore Radio: Radio Nord (3)
by Hans Knot
  Radio Nord closed down on 30th June 1962 after the Swedish Government passed a law against offshore radio that was to take effect on 1st August. The MV Bon Jour sailed on to become the MV Magda Maria and — still that same year — the MV Mi Amigo.
1 Crew members watch as the tender arrives
2 Newsroom on the radioship
3 The Radio Nord car in front of the Radio Nord office
4 Some spare equipment
5 Up till 3,000 letters a day had to be sorted out by Ingegerd Ekinger and Barbro Kimsjö
6 The bridge on the radioship
7 Bo Johnsson, Jack Kotschack and Inga-Britt Berselius
8 Tendering of the MV Bon Jour
9 MV Bon Jour with plane
10 Generatorroom on Bon Jour
11 Controlroom on the radioship
12 MV Bon Jour
13 Transmitterroom on the ship
  In de Norsk Telemuseum in Skavanger you can admire these two posters, memorizing Radio Nord. At the left you see Radio Nord's plane dropping a container near the ship, at the right a cartoon (thanks to Sven Martinsen who provided us with this photograph).
  Photographs are from the Freewave Media Magazine Archive and Hans Knot
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