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volume 2
april 1999

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Scandinavian Offshore Radio: Radio Syd (1)
by Hans Knot
  The example of Danish Radio Mercur was followed by Skånes Radio Mercur in Southern Sweden, that started broadcasting on December 14 1958, and transmitting on 88.3 and 89.6 mHz. SRM was founded by the 22-year old Nils-Eric Svensson, and used the same ship as Danish Mercur. Skånes Radio Mercur moved to Malmö in May 1960 and changed name to Radio Syd in 1962 after Nils-Eric Svensson decided to return to the USA and sold the radio to the "Pirate Queen" Britt Wadner in 1961. Radio Syd continued broadcasting until 20th of January 1966 (hours of transmission: 6.00 AM till 3.00 AM). Its postal address simply read: Radio Mercur, ö, Sweden.
  Radio Syd's first ship, Cheeta I, was bought from the Mercur organisation.
  Cheeta I in severe weather conditions during the winter months in 1962
  Transmitterroom Cheeta I
5 Tendering the radioship
  After beeing in pack ice the radioship was towed into harbour
7 Britt Wadner in studio Malmö
8 The Cheeta I
  August 1st 1962 the Scandinavian countries introduced a bill against offshore radio. Despite this bill Radio Syd went on with transmissions. Mrs. Britt Wadner even decided to buy a bigger ship, the former Mercur ship, the Cheeta II.
  On January 9th 1963 the Cheeta II also drifted into pack ice. She was towed away by a tug for a temporary anchorage in the Malmö Yacht Club in Limhamn harbour. Some days later it restarted broadcasting. No entering of the ship by the authorities took place.
  Photographs are from the Freewave Media Magazine Archive and Hans Knot
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