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volume 2
april 1999

Rare pictures from radio's past


  Scandinavian Offshore Radio: Radio Syd (3)
by Hans Knot
  Despite the illegality of Radio Syd, the station remained extremely popular. Something had to be done against the owner and the Swedish justice brought Mrs Wadner into court. In october 1962 she was fined for breaking the recently introduced law. More fines followed and in 1964 she was sentenced one month jail. Another Swedish law, however, permits people to continue their work while being prisoned. So the curious fact happened, that Britt went on presenting her own programmes for Radio Syd, which were recorded in a mobile studio in Hinseberg prison.
1 The journals reporting the sentence of Britt Wadner
2 Just a few days before going into prison
3 15 year old Kjell Ekholm, chairman of the Britt Wadner fan club, brings flowers before Britt goes to prison
4 During a heavy storm in september 1964 the first radio Syd ship, the Cheeta I, drifted after the anchor chain broke. It was decided by the crew to look for a saver place. The ship then went to the petrol harbour of Malmö. But also inside the harbour the ship wasn't save. A second storm sank the ship and only a part of the transmitting mast remained visible above water.
7 Just before going to jail
8 Flowers from crew members
9 A farewell to the Cheeta II
10 Reminiscing with old letters
12 Painting during free hours
13 Cheeta Memories in front of Britt's home
  Photographs are from the Freewave Media Magazine Archive and Hans Knot
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