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volume 3
november 2000

Tracking: Popular Music Studies


  Index of the journal "Tracking" (1988-1992)
edited by Steve Jones
  At their 1987 meeting in Pittsburgh, the U.S. branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) decided to begin publication of a journal. The journal's title was Tracking: Popular Music Studies and Steve Jones was elected editor. He edited the journal while he was at the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire, and for two years at the University of Tulsa. At the 1992 branch meeting in Denton, Texas it was decided to "upgrade" the journal, and thus was born the Journal of Popular Music Studies. Since Tracking had up to that point published four volumes (each with two issues) it was decided the new journal would begin with volume five. The contents of Tracking were made available on Internet. We reprint them here for those who are interested.
  Volume 1, no. 1 (Spring 1988)
A message from the editor by Steve Jones
A message from the chair by Reebee Garofalo
Kate Bush. Enigmatic chanteuse as pop pioneer by Holly Kruse
Ian Anderson's acoustic guitar in the early recordings of Jethro Tull by Roger L. Anderson
Genre and recalcitrance. Country music's move uptown by Joli Jensen
The Rock Window. A systematic approach to an understanding of rock music by Paul Friedlander
  Volume 1, no. 2 (Winter 1988)
The erotic and destructive in 1980s rock music. A theoretical and historical analysis by William Graebner
The politics of meaning. Emergent ideology in popular Hawaiian music by George H. Lewis
  Volume 2, no. 1 (Winter 1989)
Asking questions. Toward the identification of key theoretical issues in popular music and communication research by Stan W. Denski and David J. Sholle
Promoting social change through audio repetition. Black musicians as creators and revivalists 1953-1978 by B. Lee Cooper
  Volume 2, no. 2 (Spring 1990)
Clarifying labels: Cool Jazz, West Coast and Hard Bop by Mark C. Gridley
Everyday I write the book by Gil Rodman
  (Gil Rodman's popular music bibliography was published across two issues of Tracking, this one and the next. Rodman started working on this bibliography in the fall of 1988 as as a graduate research assistant to Larry Grossberg at the University of Illinois. In 1998 Norma Coates of Wisconsin University brought the bibliography up to date and since then is helping to keep it that way. The link here is to the current version.)
  Volume 3, no. 1 (Winter 1990)
Letter from the editor by Steve Jones
Did he write that? America's great unknown songwriter Harold Arlen by Frank Ferriano
  Volume 3, no. 2 (Spring 1991)
Academic characteristics of music business programs. Results of a survey in U.S. colleges and universities by Frederick J. Taylor
Gypsies are here to stay. An introduction to the Gypsy influence on Polish popular music by Barbara J. Kwiatkowska
  Volume 4, no. 1 (Winter 1991)
Berlin '91: Impressions by Paul Friedlander
"Supremely clubbed, devastatingly dubbed." Some observations on the nature of mixes on 12-inch dance singles by Kai Fikentscher
An examination of the bootleg record industry and its impact upon popular music consumption by Gary Warren Melton
  Volume 4, no. 2 (Spring 1992)
Pleasure and principles. Issues of authenticity in the analysis of rock 'n' roll by David Sanjek
Popular music studies. The issue of musical value by Motti Regev
  The original editorial board of Tracking consisted of:
  • Charles Brown, Saginaw Valley State College;
  • Paul Friedlander, University of Oregon;
  • Reebee Garofalo, University of Massachussetts, Boston;
  • Larry Grossberg, University of Illinois;
  • Richard Peterson, Vanderbilt University;
  • Peter Winkler, SUNY-Stony Brook.
  1997 © IASPM / USA