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volume 9
july 2006



  Remembering the Voice of Peace
by Sharona Nathan El-Saieh and Noam Tal
  Abie Nathan's daughter, Sharona Nathan El Saieh, and Noam Tal were so kind as to write this introduction to our new series on the Voice of Peace.
  Left: Abie Nathan aboard his radio ship, the MV Peace

For more than thirty years in Israel and other countries around the world, the name Abie Nathan was associated with humanitarian efforts, the fight for human rights and a quest for peace. At the age of 21 Abie left the comfortable life as a pilot in India to volunteer in the efforts to defend the new state of Israel in its independence war. The horrors of war and human suffering caused him to search for ways to promote peace and understanding, and to help victims of violence and natural disasters all over the world. He was motivated by a deep sense of obligation as a Jew to reach out and extend a helping hand to people in distress.

  Abie Nathan initiated dozens of humanitarian missions in Africa, South America and Asia, helped thousands of people. He was an ambassador of good will representing the state of Israel and reflecting the hope of its people for peace. In 1966 he flew to Egypt — then an enemy to Israel — on a solo peace mission, and since then devoted his life to the advancement for peace between Israel and its neighbouring countries. In 1968 he founded the Voice of Peace, a radio station that served as a platform for promoting dialog between Jews and Arabs. All the proceeds were used for humanitarian missions around the world. During its twenty years of broadcasting "from somewhere in the Mediterranean," the MV Peace was the home for hundreds of volunteers from around the world who came to acquire some experience as DJ's but also to contribute to the idea of peace in the Middle East.
  On behalf of Abie, we thank all the MV Peace tenants who contributed their efforts and memories to this series, with special thanks to Hans Knot, whose outstanding dedication and hard work made this series see the light of the day.
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