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volume 9
july 2006



  Remembering the Voice of Peace
by Hans Knot
  Left: Poster for a benefit concert for the Voice of Peace, New York (1970)

At the end of this series I would like to thank all the people who contributed their memories of their Voice of Peace years. During the past year's hard work, it sometimes seemed to me as if I was setting my first steps on the ship again, which was around 1967 in Groningen harbour. I couldn't have thought at that time that almost forty years later a whole series of memories would be written about the radiostation and his owner, Abie Nathan. I would also like to thank Abie himself and all involved who, for more than twenty years, brought the message of peace and, with it, the musical formats of pop radio, to the people in the Middle East.

I would also like to thank Sharona Nathan El Saieh and Noam Tal for writing the introduction to this series — not forgetting the enormous help Noam Tal gave me by getting the photographs from Nathan's family as well as from the "Archive Givát Ha'biba" for publication here on the website. Other photo's were given to me by a lot of deejays and others are from my personal archive.

  Finally, I would like to thank my wife Jana, as without her enormous love and affection I couldn't have finished this oral history project. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it with as much pleasure as I had writing it — meanwhile reliving the memories of Abie Nathan and the Voice of Peace.
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