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  About the journal, the editors and the guidelines
1 No mission statement? Soundscapes is an online journal on the history and social significance of media culture. That's all. No, this journal has no mission statement, nor does it have a corporate identity. It is non-profit and educational. In short, it's just an academic journal that likes to talk back to the load of fleeting media messages that are overflowing all of us on a daily base. What are these things doing to us and what are we doing with them ourselves? It is this question that, one way or another, all of our essays try to address by informing their readers about radio programs, television series, popular music, styles of presentation and representation, and all that's related to the sounds and images of media culture. If you also like to talk back to the media with comments or contributions of your own, please mail them to the editors.
2 The editors. At the moment the journal is edited by:
  Henk Kleijer formerly was active at SISWO, the Institute for the Social Sciences in Amsterdam, where he coordinated the academic contacts between researchers on the domains of the sociology of education and audio-visual media studies. By now he is retired. For our journal he keeps a keen eye on the developments in media and culture theory.
In the mid-1960s Hans Knot looked behind the scene of some radio stations — both on and off shore — and noticed that a lot was happening there. From that moment on he started interviewing people within the radio industry and collecting everything of interest. It all resulted in his huge media history archive.  
  Rob Leurs is affiliated with the Department of Media and Culture Studies of the University of Utrecht. His research interests concern the fields of media and communications and revolve around the formation of public opinion and the media coverage of news and actualities. For our journal he closely guards these same topics.
Ger Tillekens spent his years at the Institute of Educational Sciences of Groningen University, lecturing the subjects of the sociology of education and youth cultures. By now he is retired, but he still continues writing about popular music and youth styles — the same subjects he covers for Soundscapes.  
  Rudi de Vries is affiliated with the Department of Arts, Culture, and Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen. His research topics include local and regional arts policy, the promotion of reading and the policy of literary institutions. Next to the "traditional" arts, his interests cover more arcane subjects like cinema, pop music and comics. For Soundscapes he looks into the topics of comics, cartoons and animated movies.
  Join us ... Movies, soaps, jazz, you name it. There still are lots of subjects we'd like to cover in our journal, but which lie outside the reach of our competences. If you want to help us expand our journal as an acting editor or correspondent, you're welcome. So if you want to assist us in our search for contributions, let us know. Mail to:
  - Hans Knot - Ger Tillekens - Henk Kleijer -
  - Rob Leurs - Rudi de Vries -
3 Contributions. We welcome all contributions, conforming to the following guidelines:
  Guidelines. The journal is easy-going about the lay-out of the contributions, as they eventually will be edited by our editors to fit our pages on Internet. Important, however, is the format in which you send them. Understandably we prefer text in digital format. Every usual word-processor, such as MS-Word or OpenOffice.org, will do. If possible convert all other formats to the Rich Text Format or RTF or plain text. Of course you can also format your contribution in the HTML-language.
  Sounds and images. As the journal appears online on Internet, it easily can provide its readers with sounds and images. We welcome graphics in BPM-, JPG-, PNG- or GIF-format. Audio and video files can be sent on disk or by e-mail in all current formats. Remember, if the work is copyrighted, the contents will have to conform to the rules of fair use and academic quoting.
  Language. The journal does accept contributions in any language, as long as the editors or their associates can read it. At the moment we cover only English, French, German and Dutch. However, we have many friends who will translate other languages for us. So you can try us out.
  Addresses. Authors can send their contributions directly to one of the editors by attaching it to an e-mail:
  Hans Knot and Ger Tillekens
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