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Soundscapes now keeps you informed about its newly published content by three RSS 2.0 compliant newsfeeds. These feeds are language specific. The first feed comprises the last ten new contributions in all languages — mostly English, Dutch and German. The second one offers the headlines and summaries of the last ten new contributions written in English. The third feed does the same for the Dutch language contributions. All three newsfeeds are automatically updated on a daily base (12 p.m. noon GMT).
You can look at and subscribe to these feeds with any present-day browser. Else, you can use a separate program or plug-in that can read Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds — an XML-based format for distributing content. Once you have the RSS client software installed on your computer, add the URL's to your RSS subscriptions by right-clicking, copying and pasting the blue-colored links into your program. Or, do the same with the orange-colored left margin buttons.
All language newsfeed - All language newsfeed: rss.soundscapes.info
English newsfeed - English newsfeed (en): rss_en.soundscapes.info
Dutch newsfeed - Dutch newsfeed (nl): rss_nl.soundscapes.info
If you're a webmaster, we encourage you to integrate our newsfeed into your web site, as long as you do not post our full-text articles, and as long as you provide proper attribution and a link back to our journal at www.soundscapes.info.
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