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december 1999

Silent Night! Holy Night!


Appendix to: "Silent Night. The history of a famous carol"
PLEASE NOTE: This file is the authors' own work and represents their
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Song: Silent Night! Holy Night!
Written by: Joseph Mohr (lyrics, 1816), Franz Xaver Gruber (melody, 1818)
Sheet music: The sheet music below was taken from the 1855
Franz Xaver Gruber manuscript for soprano, alto, choir and organ.
Gruber created this arrangement while serving as choirmaster in Hallein,
Austria. The original text was written in 1816 by Rev. Joseph Mohr in
Mariapfarr, Austria and the melody was added by Gruber in 1818
in Amsdorff. The first performance was at Midnight Mass (1818) in
Usual english translation:

  |D                 |-                 |
1. Silent night,      holy night
  |A7                |D                 |
   All is calm,       all is bright
  |G                 |D                 |
   'Round yon virgin  mother and child
  |G                 |D                 |
   Holy infant, so    tender and mild
  |A7                |D                 |
   Sleep in heavenly  peace ...
  |D        A7       |D                 |
   Sleep in heavenly  peace.

2. Silent night, holy night, 
   Shepherds quake at the sight. 
   Glories stream from heaven afar, 
   Heav'nly hosts sing Alleluia; 
   Christ the Savior is born; 
   Christ the Savior is born. 

3. Silent night, holy night, 
   Son of God, love's pure light. 
   Radiant beams from thy holy face, 
   With the dawn of redeeming grace, 
   Jesus, Lord, at thy birth; 
   Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.