As of March 1980, the television covered 25% of the population residing in 13.5% of the area. This pattern remained more or less static till financial year 1983-84. There was a sharp increase in the number of transmitters installed in 1984-85 as a result of which, television network expanded to cover 56.2% of the population residing in 36.5% of the area of the country.

             Coverage of TV network in India(%)
        Year                  Area                  Popln

      1984-85                 56.2                  36.5

      1994-95                 85.1                  67.8
(upto 31 Jan 1995)


Growth in number of television sets has been rapid since the second half of eighties. Between 1985 and 1993, the number of television sets grew almost six times. Neverthless, the number of TV sets as a ratio to the Indian population is still far below global standards. Fuelling the growth was cable television which grew rapidly from the early nineties onwards. By the end of 1992, the number of cable operators was estimated at 15,000.

            TV sets in India (Million nos.)
            Year                              TV sets

            1975                                0.45
            1980                                1.55
            1984                                3.63
            1990                               27.82 (est)
            1993                               40.35 (est)


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