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volume 5
january 2003

Occupation: Wonderful Radio London


  Open letter to the Insolvency Service of Southend-on-Sea, Essex
by Paul John Lilburne-Byford
  Fort Roughs Tower, the old World War II sea fort at Rough Sands, eight miles off the Harwich coast

Some of the people involved with the offshore radio stations of the 1960s and 1970s really made it big, while others lost everything they had. Paul John Lilburne-Byford of Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, certainly belongs to the last category, as he was declared "bankrupt for life" as a consequence of legal procedures following his attemps in the early 1980s to revive the offshore broadcasting station "Wonderful Radio London." That happened ten years ago and since then he has been trying to reclaim his rights. Here is his latest letter to the Insolvency Service of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

  Great Baddow, Chelmsford, 30th January 2003
To: Mr. Philip Robinson
Official Receiver
The Insolvency Service (An Executive Agency within the DTI)
4th Floor, Central House
8 Clifftown Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 1AB
Subject: Harassment and Violation of Human Rights
  Dear Mr. Robinson,
1 I am in receipt of your letter dated 24th of January 2003 in which you claim to be the Trustee of my estate, and that you now intend to apply to the DTI Secretary of State to release you from this position.
  It would appear from your letter and accompanying Statement that the entire sums of money which you have been managing in this matter to date are not debts created by me, but make-work debts created by others. These claimed "debts" were created to harass me in the manner to which the DTI has become accustomed since at least 1994 and earlier, all in violation of UK and European Human Rights laws which are supposed to guarantee due process and restraint from abuse of office — by those entrusted to defend the commonweal, such as you.
  I am creating this letter for the record in order that a counter interpretation of your intrusion into my life will exist in official files. To that end I will now document the following events which led up to the DTI claiming total control over my financial affairs for the remainder of my life, or until such time that the minions of the DTI decide that I am not worth harassing any further, or until I am dead. The first part of this document deals with my name:
2 My name is Paul John Lilburne-Byford and I would draw your attention to the fact that the "John Lilburne" part of my name is spelt exactly the same as my namesake in English Constitutional History. It is not spelt as your minions have so often spelt it, nor is it spelt with a peculiar "n" at the end of Byford.
  My occupation is not unknown to the DTI, in fact Companies House, which is but another arm of the DTI, helped to register two limited British companies which another Executive Agency of the DTI and a DTI Industrial Tribunal then went out of its way to destroy with the outside assistance of Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council.
3 The fact that my prolific letter writing has been remarked upon to such an extent in the official records of Essex County Council and elsewhere, renders temptation to dismiss the contents of this current letter as but an "instant act" unrelated to matters at hand, as a foolish and unwise conclusion. With the amount of paperwork generated to date concerning this saga, it would be safe to assume that at least one tree is no longer standing on this Planet.
  I find it difficult to believe that your Office in Southend is so complex that the number of subordinates who report to you are such a vast multitude that you really have no idea of who I am, or what the history of this case is all about. But that is the impression which your Office in Southend has attempted to create by wasting my time and the time and money of my colleagues in the United States of America who have attempted to educate your staff. Staff who then take early retirement to be replaced by a temporary toad, who then gives up and hands it back to the same retiree who has returned in time to approach the Court and then dump the entire matter into your lap.
4 Your DTI Office became involved in my financial affairs because a Judge at the Chelmsford County Court told me to make a legal financial claim against Chelmsford Borough Councilwoman Christine Barrett — who first came to my attention over DTI broadcasting matters way back at the beginning of the last decade. The name of my occupation was and still is "Wonderful Radio London," and that is the name on the lawsuit filed in Chelmsford County Court against Christine Barrett and the guns who hired her at Essex County Council. Yes, the Legal Services of Chelmsford Borough Council are well aware of all of this. It has been thoroughly documented in writing.
  I followed the advice of the Judge at Chelmsford County Court — advice which was given to me in open court, and not in his private chambers: I sued Mrs. Barrett. Although Christine Barrett works for Chelmsford Borough Council, she was legally represented by the Legal Department of Essex County Council, until they hired an outside law firm.
5 Another Judge, a very corrupt Judge, who had been asked to recuse herself because of prior involvement in related matters, then joined my action against Mrs. Barrett with an action against employees of Essex County Council, and then dismissed the entire case. Hence the legal costs. The outside law firm then went back to Chelmsford County Court and obtained a rubber-stamped action to declare me bankrupt, and this is how I came into the orbit of your DTI Office.
  Your Office then went back to Chelmsford County Court and in essence declared me "bankrupt for life" by turning off the insolvency clock which was originally turned on by corrupt toady individuals who would have no shame in nodding with approval at Saddam Hussein, if he happened to be their boss. Toady people are not afraid of telling lies or slandering others in order for their means to justify their own ends. And now you're asking the Secretary of State to get you off the case and leave it "frozen" in time so that I am virtually bankrupt for life. Let's be clear: The reason why this matter has dragged on for ten years, is because the DTI has been causing me trouble over the same issues: Wonderful Radio London, the radioship Sarah and Sealand.
6 This entire episode began when I agreed to join with my colleagues in America in reestablishing the Don Pierson broadcasting station of the 1960s era called "Wonderful Radio London" (WRL). The original WRL was based aboard a ship, and my colleagues had originally intended to bring a ship over to the UK in 1984 to serve as a new floating base for a new WRL. When I became involved in the early 1980s another ship had been bought which the owner claimed was registered in the "Principality of Sealand," about 8 miles off the Harwich coast on Rough Sands in the North Sea.
  The DTI had engaged the Office of the Official Solicitor (when that office still had power), to use an Investigator to report to the FCC Administrative Court in Washington, DC about the radioship and her original owner with regards to his claims to registering this same ship in "Sealand".
7 The upshot of this saga is that we were swindled over the purchase of this fully equipped radio broadcasting ship, but we had no recourse to a court of law. The courts in Essex (and elsewhere) refused jurisdiction — thus creating the absurd idea that we should file in the "Royal Courts of Sealand". The HM Treasury Solicitor in London had several telephonic conversations with my colleagues in America over this matter, and exchanged several letters. The Treasury Solicitor stated in writing that Rough Tower and its inhabitants are a part of the UK and thus subject to UK law: all UK law.
  Yet when I went to the Southend Magistrates' Court under the glare of radio, television and newspaper coverage to cause the enforcement of UK law by action of Essex Police, the Magistrate told me in essence to prove that Rough Tower was a part of the UK. This was at a time when illegal acts, including the brandishing of sawn-off shotguns; the use of television sets without licenses, and deliberate actions to thwart UK terrorist laws intended to halt cyber abuse, were a matter of public knowledge. To memorialize this affair one of our web sites at http://www.freebornjohn.com has remained on line unchanged since the acts of terrorism against the World Trade Center in New York, and demanding to know why the terrorist base of "Sealand" exists less than a handful of miles from the Essex coast, and within the UK.
8 But I am probably preaching to the choir, because you must surely know all of this. You must surely also know that I was forced out of my employment by the DTI. You must surely know that I had to seek alternative stop-gap employment and that during the course of that employment I was struck by a car traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour and nearly killed. I am now severely physically handicapped for life, and in constant pain. I cannot hold any ordinary employment for that reason. Due to the wonders of the DTI and its ability to abuse the legal system, no one could determine where that accident took place. When I investigated the matter with my colleagues and established the facts, my silence was obtained by the DTI and its friends — by deliberately destroying my case and leaving me penniless. That's right, I was left penniless and I was also left handicapped for life, Mr. Robinson!
  You must surely also know that after I was released from hospital following this "accident", that I was steered into a bogus DTI Industrial Tribunal where I was represented by a trained DTI Industrial Tribunal representative, who just happened to be involved with Sir James Goldsmith's Referendum Party, who just happened to own an offshore radio station which he planned to use during the election of 1997. He planned to anchor his radioship off Kent but with straight lines towards London and Harwich, Essex, where his Number One candidate was seeking election as Referendum Party MP.
9 It is interesting to note that this same trained DTI Industrial Tribunal representative who represented me at the Industrial Tribunal was castigated by the Chairman of that same Industrial Tribunal as though he was a totally untrained DTI Industrial Tribunal representative. It is also interesting to note that it has now come to light that this same person who had sat in judgment of other cases on DTI Industrial Tribunal boards, was up to his armpits in letter writing and campaigning on behalf of his friend Sir James Goldsmith, and that he went out of his way to divide and conquer myself from my associates in America over our own radioship and "Sealand" issues, which were a part of the Industrial Tribunal. In the end I lost my case, Sir James did not bring over his radioship and our own claims concerning our own radioship have remained unanswered.
  Now, all of a sudden, just as we have began to uncover the links to the Independent Party which is represented in Chelmsford by the former Number One candidate for Sir James Goldsmith at Harwich, and who is now a MEP, and the trained DTI Industrial Tribunal representative who represented me at the Industrial Tribunal; Chelmsford Borough Council has suddenly declared a financial campaign against me which was in fact created by representatives of Chelmsford Borough Council who came to visit me in my home. This same campaign has now been linked to my defacto "bankruptcy for life" created by Chelmsford Borough Council and Essex County Council, and rubber stamped by your DTI Office at Southend. But you know all of this, don't you?
10 Now you want to ask the Secretary of State for the Department of Trade and Industry, (the DTI), to get you out of this mess. Well, while you are doing that, Mr. Robinson, tell your boss in London to do the honourable thing and clear up the mess that has caused all of my problems. That is, if your boss, who is the DTI Secretary of State, knows what the word "honourable" really means: because I can see nothing but an army of boot-licking toady thugs who serve him to preserve their own pay. I cannot see any honour in that.
  Yes Mr. Robinson, tell this boss of yours to put an end to that terrorist base on Rough Sands, and then tell him to send me an apology on behalf of Her Majesty's Crummy Minions for making my life a living hell over their own Catch-22 situation. But there is more, and this should appeal to your sense of humour: With that apology tell your boss to send me a check for a decent amount as compensation and then I will have some money, which I don't have now. You of course know that I am living on the financial edge of disaster because you and your ilk have just asked a court to make me "bankrupt for life."
11 Tell your boss to close down the "Principality of Sealand" by simply enforcing existing UK law on Rough Sands. That is where squatters are residing without regards for the UK firearms laws; the terrorism laws, and even the usually enforced DTI regulations concerning the use of unlicensed television sets within the UK. But before you do anything at all you can begin by getting my name right, and then instead of claiming that my occupation is "unknown," you can insert "Wonderful Radio London." Once I have got that far I will then be in a position to turn around and sue every sniveling miserable bastard (no person who has done these things to me has had a legitimate right to do them), who has helped to make my life a miserable hell.
  As I stated at the outset of this letter, its purpose is to draw reference to everything that has happened that has now brought you and me to this point in time. It is my intention that this letter will find its way into a multitude of files for future reference. I may even ask my colleagues in the USA to put it on an Internet web site as well, just in case you decide to wad it up and then throw it away. This letter won't fly, because its message will stick in the minds of all who read it.
12 Please be advised that this letter should be viewed as masticated chewing gum deposited on your fingers. It will be very difficult for you to get rid of it without addressing the fact that it now exists. For that you can compliment yourself and that vast army of toady minions who assisted in the events which led to the creation your letter of the 24th January 2003, which I have now answered by this letter.
  I look forward to receiving your reply addressing all issues contained herein.
  Yours sincerely,
  Paul John Lilburne-Byford
  For some more background information on the subject of this letter see: John England, "The ill-fated story of WRLI and WWCR. Our failed attempts to revive Wonderful Radio London." In: Soundscapes, 2003, 5; and (in Dutch): Hans Knot (2003), "De wonderlijke geruchten over Radio London van 1984. De wilde verhalen van John England." In: Soundscapes, 2003, 5.
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