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Mostly academic writings about the Beatles
by Markus Heuger

  The Beabliography is a bibliography of books and articles, focusing mainly on academic works on the Beatles. By now the database covers over 600 titles, some with links and/or abstracts. Please mail us if you like to add yet another title to this list.
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  • Da Silva, Laurence (1995), "Rêver Liverpool. Le port, la ville et les Beatles." [Dreaming Liverpool. The harbor, the city and the Beatles.] In: Ethnologie Francaise. Revue Trimestrielle de la Societe d'Ethnologie Francaise, Paris, 1995 (Octobre — Decembre), 25, 4, 608-616.
  • Dahan, Eric (1997), "George Harrison Grand Prix." In: Rock & Folk, 1997, 361, 28-31.
  • Davies, Evan (1969), "Psychological characteristics of Beatles-mania." In: Journal of the History of Ideas, 1969, 30, 273-280.
  • Davies, Hunter (1968), The Beatles. The authorized biography. London: Heinemann, 1968 (second edition with added illustrations. London: Cape, 1985). [German edition: Davies, Hunter (1978), Alles was du brauchst ist Liebe. Die Story der Beatles. München, 1978.]
  • Davies, Hunter (1985) [1968], The Beatles. The only authorized biography. London: Arrow Books, 1985 (second edition).
  • Davies, Hunter (2009) [1968], The Beatles. The only ever authorized biography. London and New York: Random House, 2009 (third edition).
  • Davies, Stephen (1997), "So, you want to sing with the Beatles? Too late!" In: The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Perspectives on the Arts and Technology, 1997, 55, 2 (Spring), 129-137. [Abstract]
  • Davis, Andy (2000), The Beatles files. New York: Metro Books, 2000. [Abstract]
  • Decker, James M. (2006), "'Baby, You're a Rich Man.' The Beatles, ideology, and the cultural moment.", In: Davis, Todd F., and Kenneth Womack (eds.), Reading the Beatles. Cultural studies, literary criticism and the Fab Four. New York: State University of New York Press, 2006, 183-198.
  • Decker, James M. (2009), "'Try thinking more.' Rubber Soul and the Beatles' transformation of pop." In: Kenneth Womack (ed.), The Cambridge companion to the Beatles. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 75-89.
  • Dempsey, John Mark (2004), "McCartney at 60. A body of work celebrating home and hearth." In: Popular Music and Society, 2004, 27, 27-40.
  • Denselow, Robin (1985), "Interview with George Harrison." In: The Listener, 1985, 113, 2896 (February), 14.
  • Desmedt, Els (1999), "Bespreking van: Het geluid van de Beatles." [Review of: The Sound of the Beatles, by Ger Tillekens] In: Tijdschrift voor Sociologie, 1999, 20, 2, 209-210.
  • Diettrich, Eva (1979), Tendenzen der Popmusik. Dargestellt am Beispiel der Beatles. Tutzing: Schneider, 1979.
  • Doggett, Peter (1998), Abbey Road / Let It Be: The Beatles. Suffolk: Music Sales Ltd, 1998 [Classic Rock Albums Series].
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