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Mostly academic writings about the Beatles
by Markus Heuger

  The Beabliography is a bibliography of books and articles, focusing mainly on academic works on the Beatles. By now the database covers over 600 titles, some with links and/or abstracts. Please mail us if you like to add yet another title to this list.
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  • Brocken, Michael (2015), "Le Master The Beatles, Popular Music and Society. MA: Linking Academia with the Beatles Tourism Industry." In: Volume!, 12, 2: 193-203.
  • DiLello, Richard (1973), The longest cocktail party. An insider's diary of the Beatles, their million-dollar Apple empire and its wild rise and fall. Chicago: Playboy Press.
  • Taguchi, Tetsuya (1998), "The working class audience of rock music. Liverpool in the 1960s." In: Doshisha: Studies in Language and Culture, 1998, 1, 2 (December), 293-313. [Abstract]
  • Tashian, Barry (1996), Ticket to ride. The extraordinary diary of the Beatles last tour. Dowling, 1996.
  • Taylor, A.J.W. (1966), "Beatlemania. A study in adolescent enthousiasm." In: British Journal of Social Clinical Psychology, 1966, 5, 81-88 [also published as: "Beatlemania. The adulation and exuberance of some adolescents." In: M. Truzzi (ed.), Sociology and everyday life. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1968, 161-170]. [Abstract]
  • Taylor, Derek (1987), It was twenty years ago today. London: Bantam Press, 1987.
  • Temperley, David (2007), "The melodic-harmonic 'divorce' in rock." In: Popular Music, 26, 2, 323–342. [Abstract]
  • Tessler, Holly (2009), Beatles for sale. The role and significance of storytelling in the commercialisation and cultural branding of the Beatles since 1970. Liverpool: University of Liverpool, 2009.
  • Terry, Carol D. (1985), Here, there and everywhere. The First International Beatles Bibliography, 1962-1982. Ann Arbor: Pierian Press, 1985.
  • Thibault, Matthieu (2015), "L'utilisation du studio d'enregistrement dans Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." ["The Use of the Recording Studio in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."] In: Volume!, 12, 2: 129-143.
  • Thomson, Elizabeth, and David Gutman (1987), "Introduction." In: Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman (eds.), The Lennon companion. Twenty-five years of comment. London: MacMillan, 1987, xiii-xxi.
  • Thompson, Gordon (2001), "Let me take you down ... to the subdominant. Tools of establishment and revealing the establishment." In: Yrjö Heinonen, Markus Heuger, Sheila Whiteley, Terhi Nurmesjärvi and Jouni Koskimäki (eds.), Beatlestudies 3. Proceedings of the Beatles 2000 conference. Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä (Department of Music, Research Reports 23), 2001, 283-291. [Abstract]
  • Tillekens, Ger (1998), "Baroque and folk and ... John Lennon. Some folk and classical elements in the songs of John Lennon." In: Soundscapes, 1998-1999, 1 (Summer).
  • Tillekens, Ger (1998), "The sound of the Beatles. Summary." In: Soundscapes, 1998-1999, 1 (Spring).
  • Tillekens, Ger (1998), Het geluid van de Beatles. [The sound of the Beatles.] Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis, 1998. [Pdf, Epub]]
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